The Trailer Park: It Boggles the Mind

Adding to the list of questionable and possibly disappointing movies that will be released this summer, we have two more trailers that don’t inspire me to watch their films. Ever. Sadly, they come from two filmmakers that I normally enjoy and respect for their creative talent.

‘Dark Shadows’

Hitting theaters this weekend, the movie adaptation of a 1960s fantasy soap opera has me totally confused if not totally disappointed. As a fan of Tim Burton, I can’t figure out what in the world he’s thinking, because so far, the movie looks god-awful. I get what’s he’s going for, a comedy twist to a cult favorite, but the bigger question is why? Especially since none of what we see is remotely funny or the least bit amusing. At this point, I’ll wait for the Blu-ray.

‘Magic Mike’

Ugh. It’s not bad enough that movie-lovers must suffer the non-existing talents of Channing Tatum (geesh, that name really sounds like a dirty sexual position), but now we’re expected to watch a dramedy based on his former life as a male stripper. I have to try to be patient, though, because this is a Steven Soderbergh film, and the guy tends to surprise even when making some questionable movie concepts. I’ve gotta have faith that Soderbergh knows what he’s doing, but this preview already makes me want to gouge out my eyes. So, color me extremely doubtful.

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  1. JM

    Channing Tatum studied wuzuquan acting under the lineage of 10th dan Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong.

    ‘Magic Mike’ has, what I would call, stripper authenticity. All it needs is a John Travolta cameo.

    Channing Tatum, actually, is doing Soderbergh two times.

    The next one is ‘The Bitter Pill,’ a psychological thriller with Rooney Mara and Jude Law (as an evil psychologist) from the writer of ‘The Informant!’

    Based on the hotness of his wife, I would argue that Channing Tatum has the perfect line delivery for a David Mamet film.

  2. Barsoom Bob

    Didn’t you mean Chee Kee Thong. Bada Bing !

    Whoa yeah for the trailer for Killer Joe.

    What’s up with that movie that they are rating it NC-17 ?

  3. Well I couldnt disagree more about Dark Shadows, it has Burtons signature all over it and I think it looks really funny and quirky, like all of Burtons movies usually are. But to each their own

  4. paramedic0112

    Dark Shadows looks awesome!! Seeing it today. But I love Tim Burton and the horror genre in general. Plus it has an amazing cast! I thought it looked funny.

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