The Trailer Park: Beat the Summer Heat

Trailers for this summer’s big movies are coming out quicker than I can keep up, but so far the hottest season of the year promises to be a real scorcher with several highly-anticipated features. This collection is just a smidge of the blockbusters I’m excited to see.


Since retiring from being California’s governator, ’80s action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a somewhat gradual return to the big screen with only mild success. His last four films all failed to be the type of thundering, bombastic comeback he may have needed.

While fans wait for the next ‘Terminator’ and ‘Conan’ installments, the muscular Austrian pacifies anticipation by indulging in some fashionable zombie mayhem. Based on the preview and the premise, I’m intrigued. The movie looks like a very stylish and thoughtful horror drama from first-time helmer Henry Hobson, whose only other credits are for miscellaneous work on various productions. Also, from the looks of it, Schwarzenegger could potentially deliver a touching performance as the protective father who refuses to abandon his zombie daughter to mandatory quarantine.


Let’s just for a moment ignore all the potentially negative aspects of this big-budget production. Yes, it stars Adam Sandler and Kevin James and is directed by Chris Columbus – all of whom desperately need a box office hit about now. Set that aside and admit that this film’ concept is outrageously awesome, especially for those of us who grew up playing these classic arcade games.

I love this trailer. It makes the movie look like it’ll be barrels of pixelated fun. Granted, the premise appeals to my inner child, imagining how freaking cool it would be to play these games in live-action mode, but from the looks of it, the bloated sci-fi action comedy has everything we’d want from a summer blockbuster. As stupid as it sounds that James plays the President of the United States, I’m more enthusiastic about the idea of Sandler and Peter Dinklage playing rival arcade champions uniting to save Earth from an 8-bit apocalypse.

‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’

Is it just me or is anyone else still fuming about the fact that the first three ‘Mission: Impossible’ films were released on Blu-ray with only legacy Dolby Digital audio rather than lossless surround sound? I just need to vent my continued disapproval of Paramount’s decision, especially in light of another ‘M:I’ installment in this summer.

After Brad Bird’s surprisingly entertaining ‘Ghost Protocol’, I honestly didn’t think Tom Cruise would make another franchise entry, let alone try to top the insane stunts and action. However, based on the preview, it would appear that ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ writer Christopher McQuarrie (who also directed Cruise in ‘Jack Reacher’) promises even wilder espionage exploits with even crazier death-defying feats.

The addition of Alec Baldwin is one thing, but I like the return of Ving Rhames as Luther. The only thing I might hesitate about is another story in which the IMF has disavowed Ethan Hunt, who must once again go rogue. Even so, I’ll see this on the big screen and hope for the best.

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