The Trailer Park: Was I Supposed to Laugh?

Judd Apatow recently mentioned that comedy is a very difficult job. I’m sure that few would disagree that making others laugh is no easy task. It takes quite a bit of talent to be funny. Unfortunately, the following previews seem to prove that such talent is a rare thing indeed.

‘A Thousand Words’

I use to be such a huge Eddie Murphy fan back in the day. Now, I’m just embarrassed for him. The actor seems to keep moving from one major dud to the next in swift succession. His latest escapade looks like more miserable dreck. It can’t even provoke a single chuckle. I’m also confused by the fantasy, possibly spiritual element within the story. Is this the family-friendly Murphy or the down-and-dirty Eddie? I’m not really sure what to expect at this point. Coming from the director of ‘Meet Dave’, ‘Norbit’ and ‘The Shaggy Dog’, one thing we can be sure of is that this will likely be another gargantuan turd from a once-great comedian.

‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’

I can’t be completely positive, but I’m pretty sure I understand the concept behind this latest rom-com from the director of ‘Nanny McPhee’ and ‘Waking Ned Devine’. The trailer is self-explanatory. I just don’t get how funny it’ll actually be on the big screen. I also can’t figure out if the movie is pushing for an R-rating or playing it safe for the PG-13 crowd, especially since the comedy feels a bit too conscious of itself. (As in: “Look at me. I’m being funny right now. Look!”) Ensemble flicks are not easy to pull off, as Garry Marshall’s last two features will attest. Sadly, this looks like it’ll fall flat on its face like that poor baby on the soccer field.

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  1. Murphy was actually VERY good in TOWER HEIST. The biggest problem with that movie is that Eddie wasn’t only in about 40 minutes of the movie.

    He’s also going to be playing Marion Barry in an HBO movie…I’m looking forward to that performance.

    • M. Enois Duarte

      For sure, it’ll be interesting to see him play Marion Barry and even more interesting to see him work with Spike Lee.

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