The Trailer Park: Horror Is in the Air Tonight

This Feburary, celebrate the month of love and romance by cozying up next to that special someone and holding on tight while watching some terrifyingly bad horror movies.


I’m not sure whether to laugh or be excited for the latest sequel to ‘The Ring’. I’ve already decided to wait for the Blu-ray based on how silly the trailer looks. Samara Morgan has apparently gone viral this time around, a concept I find rather intriguing. However, with the plot now revolving around digital technology and the little girl’s powerful vengeance trip of forcing others to suffer as she has, we’re also shown a scene of a (rotary or push-button?) telephone with a coiled cord. Really? Samara is hip enough for the internet and social media, but she can’t go that one extra step to warn her victims on a cell or via text? The plane scene is also out of place in the mythology and just stupid.

‘A Cure for Wellness’

Gore Verbinski directed the American remake of the first ‘The Ring’. The same month as that movie’s new sequel, he has his own new movie hitting cinemas and it looks vastly superior. The psychological thriller appears brimming with lots of style and atmosphere, but the preview leaves out a great deal of information, outside of the simple setup. Of course, this may be all intentional, and admittedly, it makes the whole thing more mysterious and creepy. My only concern is the possibility that the movie is more style and spooky visuals than substance, which is sadly true in many of Verbinski’s films. Another fear is that this might be a simple retread of Martin Scorsese’s excellent ‘Shutter Island’.

‘Get Out’

The funny Jordan Peele (of ‘Key & Peele’) ventures out on his own and makes his directorial debut with what could possibly be the scariest movie of this bunch. The premise alone is pretty creepy, while at the same time serving an interesting commentary on current political tensions. I love not knowing for certain if this is about a cult of people wanting to relive the past or if they’re simply a bunch of racist a-holes. There’s also the fact that we don’t know if the girlfriend is in on the scheme. Does the mom hypnotize the victims into subservience or are they tortured into it and broken psychologically? I’m loving the mystery. With Keegan-Michael Key in ‘Keanu’, Peele has proven himself a talented writer, and I hope that talent also extends to sitting behind the camera.

‘Cabin Fever: Patient Zero’

As if the remake of Eli Roth’s gorefest, which apparently no one saw or even knew about, weren’t bad enough, now we have a pseudo-sequel that looks just as dumb and forgettable.

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  1. jay b

    i saw patient zero on syfy the other day. it wasn’t anything amazing but it wasn’t completely terrible either. bunch of dbags in a predictable storyline in the cabin fever theme.

    • The fourth trailer is always a “just for fun” tacked-on preview, either a teaser that shows very little or a trailer for a new feature about to come out or from the past to keep with the week’s theme.

  2. eric

    GET OUT looks awesome. A CURE FOR WELLNESS does look just like SHUTTER ISLAND but I can live with that if it is at least as good. But it does seem painfully obvious that the main character is looking for himself.

    RINGS? Well I cant even click on the play button, definitely not interested after the past crappy sequels.

  3. Steve

    Sooo – if Samara only calls people on old, corded phones, then anyone that doesn’t have one should be safe, correct? Looks awful.

  4. Plissken99

    Get Out looks excellent! The only silver lining to the current political upheaval going on right now is that horror tends to thrive under oppressive regimes. We saw the rise of Hammer under Nixon. Freddy, Jason, Mike and Chuck all had they’re heyday during the Reasan administration. Who knows what horror Trump might influence!

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