The Trailer Park: Deep, Dark Mysteries

With Halloween fast approaching, let’s start sinking our teeth into creepier, moodier material. Almodóvar is back with another complex melodrama involving sexuality and the fragility of identity. We also have another look at David Fincher’s adaptation of the immensely popular book series from Stieg Larsson.

‘The Skin I Live In’

I’m already a bit biased with this movie since I am a Pedro Almodóvar fan. In fact, I don’t even need to see a trailer. The instant I read the Spanish director’s name, I was hooked without a moment’s hesitation. So it goes pretty much without saying that I want to see this movie, and the preview only heightens my excitement. Based on the novel by Thierry Jonquet, Almodóvar hasn’t done anything this weirdly complex and psychologically dark since probably ‘Matador’. But we also see elements of body horror thrown into the mix. Antonio Banderas looks to be quite terrifying in his role as a brilliant surgeon gone completely mad. I love the simplicity of the trailer, which has an interesting pace that matches the rhythm of the background music.

‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ (2011)

Finally, the second trailer to David Fincher’s vision of the first book in the ‘Millennium Trilogy’ is out, and it sure looks to please. The unusually long preview makes it seem as if the filmmakers follow the book more closely than the previous movie adaptation, which is fine by me since I love all three novels. The film also appears to fit perfectly with Fincher’s taste and sensibilities, oozing with dark atmosphere and an ominous air. Thus far, it’s looking like the director will deliver a challenging, visually-brooding winner with this remake, reimaging or whatever you want to call it. My one hesitation still remains, however, and from what I’m seeing here, I’m even more positive that I don’t like Rooney Mara as Lisbeth. Daniel Craig looks good, but she’s a terrible actress and I’m not convinced she’ll pull this off. I’ll watch nonetheless, just for the Fincher factor.

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  1. Jane Morgan

    Rooney Mara’s makeup/costume looks like she’s doing cosplay.

    David Fincher isn’t married. Anyone know who he’s currently fucking?

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