‘Haven’ 2.11 Recap: “It’s Time This Town Faced Its Realities”

I’ve failed to keep up with ‘Haven’ the last couple of weeks. That’s a shame, because a lot has been happening as the show’s second season winds down. Let’s try to catch up a bit now, in anticipation of this Friday’s finale.

The biggest development of note is that Audrey shot and killed Reverend Driscoll (in the awesomely-titled episode ‘Who, What, Where, Wendigo?’), as he was about to kill a young Troubled girl. She feels completely justified in this, even indignant that anyone would question it. But many others in the town, including Nathan, are worried about the repercussions sure to come.

Duke’s wife Evi was also killed an episode earlier, before she could spill the beans to him about what she really knows of the conspiracy involving his family.

In this past Friday’s ‘Business As Usual’, Audrey tries to pretend that everything is perfectly normal. She and Nathan have to investigate the death of a man who instantly dried up and mummified while running a marathon. The first suspect is an obnoxious lawyer named Patrick, but it later turns out that another man named Stu is Troubled with the affliction that his sweat kills people. Like most Troubled, he doesn’t mean for it to happen.

Stu had been compiling a list of all the Troubled in town, so that they could hold a secret meeting to discuss what will happen now that the Rev is dead. Patrick kidnaps Stu and steals the list, because he wants to go public with information about the Troubled. Audrey and Nathan have to stop that from happening.

When the town’s reporters Vince and Dave learn that Duke has the mystery box with his family name on it, they are divided on what to do. Dave hires Dwight the cleaner (Adam “Edge” Copeland) to steal the box, thus pitting Duke and Dwight against one another. They struggle for a bit, until accidentally discovering that the box has a key in it. Duke realizes what Dave has done, and convinces Dwight that they should team up, in order to find out what the key goes to.

Nathan tells Audrey that he has finally located the mysterious Lucy Ripley (whose identity Audrey had apparently taken years earlier, but now doesn’t remember), and she doesn’t live too far away. Audrey makes the trip. Lucy is quite shocked to see her, and says that she looks exactly the same as she did 27 years ago. What Audrey learns is that she had basically lived through this entire cycle of events (taking someone else’s identity, attempting to help the Troubled) once before.

Finally, Duke learns that his father had hidden on his boat an even bigger box filled with weapons. Duke briefly gains some sort of super-strength that he attacks Dwight with when Dwight tries to steal the box. Also in the box is a note from Duke’s father stating “You must kill her,” presumably referring to Audrey.

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