The Trailer Park: The World Through Sci-Fi

The beauty of the sci-fi genre is the way that it allows us to see our world through different eyes, from a far distant point of view. Three upcoming sci-fi features do just that. The first movie questions our idea of what makes us human. The second is a satire on consumerism and the often hypnotic effect that marketing has on the public. The third film is the latest from the Wachowskis, which explores how the actions of the past affect the future.

‘The Prototype’

This small, independent feature has me very intrigued. From a relatively unknown director named Andrew Will, the movie seems to have a great plot and presumably a metaphysical theme at its core. The visual effects and CGI are rather extraordinary for a movie of this type, which has me all the more interested. The trailer makes the whole thing look fantastic. I hope that it’ll play near my area.


Here’s another really intriguing idea from a couple of newcomers. However, the copious amount of CGI, which looks a bit too cartoonish for my taste, leaves me somewhat hesitant. Still, the plot about uncovering a massive alien conspiracy behind a world of product marketing and consumerism seems rather ingenious. If for nothing else, I want to check this movie out purely for its premise. And maybe a little for Max von Sydow.

‘Cloud Atlas’

I’ve seen this extended trailer a few times now, and I still can’t figure out what the movie’s all about. (I’ve never read the book, mind you.) Nevertheless, the preview has me mesmerized and makes want to see it. The story appears to explore the rippling effects of actions from the past into the present and the future. This is a large-scale premise that could prove much too difficult to encapsulate in one film, but the from the looks of it, the Wachowskis and ‘Run Lola Run‘ director Tom Tykwer appear to have pulled off the impossible. We’ll have to wait until October to find out if my assumption proves correct.

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  1. Branded is pretty much a new modern redo of They Live… looks good but IMO its pretty much the same idea.

    And I too am surprised Solomon Kane still hasnt shown up in the US yet, its been out for two years over seas.

      • I was just going to say the same thing about Branded… They Live crossed with Transformers and a dash of Pitch Black, by the looks of it. 😉 I’m curious, at least. (They Live is one of my favourite films)

        Protoype looks okay, but just gotta see where they go with it. Looks like it could just end up with the action overwhelming the story, but again, I’m curious.

        At least they’re a couple of films that look to be attempting to do their own story (even if they have similarities to others). They’re not just blatant pointless remakes. (Total Recall/Robocop, I’m looking at you!)

        Cloud Atlas just looks like another Wachowski ego trip to me, yet again pretending to be deep meaningful while really being quite vapid. Could be wrong, but can’t say I’m that bothered.

        I’ve got Solomon Kane on Blu Ray – Good fun film! 🙂 Hadn’t realised it hadn’t been out in the US yet.

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