The Trailer Park: Supernatural Rip-Offs

Supernatural horror movies can be quite fun when made with style and some original angle to a familiar formula. Unfortunately, when they steal a recognizable plot device, you can usually expect the worst, as in the following two trailers.


I actually like how the preview starts with slow music at the beginning, which sets a creepy vibe. It makes you think that this might be another disaster flick, until it suddenly devolves into typical supernatural formula. The electronic device angle looks like a complete rip-off of ‘Pulse’, yet the idea of being stuck on an airplane with a violent poltergeist sounds sort of cool. We can see Leslie Bibb and Ryan Kwanten as clear as day battling customary dark shadows with long black hair. Amy Smart also stars, but we don’t see her. Based on the trailer, this is a rental at best.


Christian Slater is making his way back to the big screen with a horror flick that toys with the plot from ‘The Ring’. Mixing elements of the “found footage” genre with standard film narrative, the trailer looks too much like something you’d normally see at the start of a direct-to-video DVD. Quick, super-fast edits disguise what will probably be laughably silly scare moments and, as always, make the story out to be more than it really is. Even this two-minute sneak peek can’t seem to muster up much excitement.

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