Mid-Week Poll: Movie Watching and Social Networking

Today’s poll was inspired by the Prescreen contest we ran last week. Prescreen links a user’s movie-streaming account to his or her Facebook account, in order to make their movie watching habits more of a social networking experience, much as Spotify does for music. I’ve noticed that Netflix and VUDU also have similar features. Do you use them? Do you update Facebook or Twitter when you watch a movie?

I’m not much of a social networker, personally. I only accept Facebook requests from people I know, and I rarely bother to update my status. I draw a line at Twitter at won’t use it at all. I feel like, between this blog, my other writings, and the various forums that I participate in, my life is public enough. If you want to know what I’m thinking, you shouldn’t have trouble finding me without Facebook.

Needless to say, I’ve never felt the need to link any movie service to my Facebook account. How about you? Do you update your status when you watch a movie?

Do You Share Your Movie-Watching Habits on Social Networking?

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  1. JoeRo

    Josh I feel the same way about social networking, although I was forced to change my tune re: twitter. A friend of mine admitted to having an account, and her explanation was that she could follow her favorite authors in order to keep up to date with their latest projects and publishing schedule. Twitter is actually very useful in this regard.

  2. Kelly

    In an attempt to start a discussion, I tried posting what movies I watched on Facebook last year, but no one seemed to care except for my wife whom I already discussed the films with. Now, I’m learning to draw and I just post my sketches to Facebook. People seem to dig it, and I enjoy getting helpful comments on my progress. As far as Twitter goes, I have an account and I only follow bands and band members. Like JoeRo said, it is a great way to keep up with what’s going on with albums, tours, etc.

  3. EM

    I chose “I honestly never gave it any thought or realized I could do it”, which is true but obscures the underlying truth that I do not participate in services such as Facebook and Twitter at all. I thought venues like e-mail and this blog site were social networking, and they still suffice for me.

  4. I chose I don’t care enough to bother sharing my movie habits. Its more that I don’t want my status auto-updated. I update my Facebook like crazy, I tell people what I think about stuff, and I comment. But really, do I want Vudu posting that I just purchased Dance Moms Season 1 (which I did – that show is a guilty pleasure, but I don’t want it auto-posted on my Facebook).

    Maybe that should be an option – I update my Facebook status – I just don’t want a movie-site to auto-update my status for me.

  5. I keep a “Recently viewed” list on IMDB with star rankings and short (1 or 2 sentence) reviews, but I only post it to FB occasionally. Just for fun, I’ll check into Rotten Tomatoes or GetGlue and do the same. Sometimes I’m able to educate a younger film lover, and that’s pretty gratifying.

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