Full Metal Jackets: I’d Buy That for a Dollar!

Sci-fi and SteelBooks almost always make a great combination. Honestly, I can’t think of a time when they wouldn’t. The latest batch of Blu-ray metal case announcements from across the pond brings us both some futuristic classics and a recent blockbuster.


Available at: Amazon UK
Release date: TBD
Price: £19.50
Region code: Region-free

I figured that it was inevitable that Alfonso Cuaron’s mega-hit ‘Gravity’ would get the SteelBook treatment. Although an official release date for this one has yet to be announced, the case art is very attractive and (unlike many SteelBooks) the package will contain the 3D version of the movie.

As a Warner Bros. title, the disc should be region-free. It wouldn’t surprise me to see some variation of this also appear in domestic stores, perhaps as a Walmart or other retailer exclusive. However, even if that happens, odd are against such a thing including 3D.


Available at: Amazon UK
Release date: January 27, 2014
Price: £19.55
Region code: Potentially Region B locked

This is desperately needed. The existing Blu-ray edition of Paul Verhoeven’s gloriously violent action satire has a crummy video transfer. MGM recently announced a new 4k remaster in the works – and now, even better, it gets a SteelBook. ‘RoboCop’ feels so right in steel.

I really like both the back cover and interior here, but the front cover is a little too Photoshop-y.

What concerns me even more is the ugly teal tint on these images from the Amazon UK listing. Does this bode poorly for the new video transfer? Will the movie be given a hideous tealification?

Maybe, maybe not. Zavvi has posted the same set of promo images, but without the teal. This looks much better:

Could the coloring just be an Amazon issue? Perhaps so. (See my note about ‘Brazil’ below.)

In either case, why does the title face the wrong direction on the spine? I hope that gets fixed before release.

[Update: Unfortunately, the Amazon images are correct. The case art has a heavy teal tint.]


Available at: Zavvi
Release date: Feb. 10, 2014
Price: £14.99
Region code: Should be region-free

Why just the second movie in this series, and not any of the others? Will they come later if this one sells well?

The artwork is nice enough, but not very exciting or unexpected.

I think I’ll pass on this. I have the domestic ‘Alien Anthology’ box set, which is more than sufficient for my needs.


Available at: Amazon UK
Release date: March 3, 2014
Price: £17.52
Region code: Should be region-free

Terry Gilliam’s dark comedy masterpiece ‘Brazil’ was already released twice on Blu-ray in the United States, first in a “bare bones” copy of the 132-minute American theatrical cut, and later in a supplement-packed Criterion Collection edition of the 142-minute Director’s Cut.

The UK Blu-ray release is notable for containing a third alternate version of the movie: the 142-minute European theatrical cut. This one is mostly the same as the Director’s Cut, except for some small differences. (Gilliam tweaked a few shot choices for his Director’s Cut.)

A dedicated fan will want to collect all three versions of the movie. I’d been meaning to import the prior UK Blu-ray edition, but am now glad I waited for a SteelBook.

The artwork here is kind of fitting for the movie, but something about the front cover just doesn’t feel right.

The images above come from Zavvi. As with ‘RoboCop’ above, the images on the Amazon UK listing have a weird teal push:

I really hope that the Zavvi colors are more accurate to the actual product when it’s released.


  1. Bryan

    I’m debating on the “Gravity” steelbook. I’m OK with the Blu-ray 3D logo on the spine, so there’s no need for “3D” to be so large and prominent on the front and spine as well. The title of the film isn’t “Gravity 3D.” I’ll wait and see if other regions get a 3D-included steelbook with a better cover design.

      • Josh Zyber

        I received the RoboCop SteelBook yesterday. Unfortunately, the Amazon UK images are correct and the Zavvi images incorrect. The case art has a heavy teal tint. Very disappointed in that aspect. 🙁

  2. Drew

    Yes, I’m aware. I always prefer Amazon UK to Zavvi, if it involves the exact same steelbook. I usually save about $8, or more, by purchasing an identical item, from Amazon UK. I just wanted to point out that it is available from Zavvi, as well. UK buyers/readers might prefer Zavvi.

  3. Marcus

    About the Robocop title on the spine – it’s possible that image originated in another European country. I know in France for instance that titles always are written that direction on the spines of books and movies.

    • William Henley

      I do have a couple of titles that face the other way, and I think they all originated from outside the US. It is kind of hit or miss though – my guess is that this more has to do with the distributor than it being a regional thing. Like ONE of my French titles does that, two of my Canadian imports, and one of my German movies, but not all my movies from those countries do that. I don’t think I have any US releases I can think of that face the other direction. I think that, at least on the Canadian title, which direction the title faces depends on if you are showing the English or French title on the disc.

      Like I said, though, not all titles do this, so my guess is that it is distributor preference.

  4. hurin

    Gravity is probably the best movie of 2013.

    But it can only be watched on a big screen. If you didn’t see it in in the cinema, or if you don’t have a home theater, don’t bother.

  5. William Henley

    I am not a Gravity fan (although I certainly understand why so many people like it), so that is not a buy for me.

    Those Robocop and Aliens steelbooks are beautiful. Believe it or not, I have never seen Robocop all the way through (I started watching it when I was a kid with a friend, and when our parents found out we were watching it, they made us turn it off), so not sure about that.

    I JUST picked up the first two Alien movies a few months back on stand-alone Blu-Ray (hated 3 and 4, so no set for me), but man, does that steelbook look beautiful! And the price isn’t that bad. That is tempting enough to make me want to double dip!

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