SteelBook Alert: Cruise Blunt Repeat

Is it ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ or is it ‘Live Die Repeat’? I don’t think we quite solved that puzzle when we last argued about it a few weeks ago. If you’re a fan who prefers the original theatrical title, you might want to check out the upcoming SteelBook Blu-ray edition.


Available at: Target
Release date: October 7, 2014
Price: $27.99
Region code: Blu-rays from Warner Bros. are almost always region-free

Although this artwork still has the “Live. Die. Repeat.” tag line (this time with punctuation), it clearly is just a tag line here. Unlike the cover art for the standard Blu-ray, the design layout of this one on both the front and the spine leaves no confusion that the movie’s title should be ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. Even if I weren’t a SteelBook collector, I’d be tempted to order this just for that reason.

As a reminder, here’s what the regular keepcase looks like:

Hilariously, the listing page on Target’s web site calls the movie ‘Live. Die. Repeat. Edge of Tomorrow’ anyway. Some other major retailers that are under the impression that the movie’s title has been changed to ‘Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow’ include Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and DVD Empire. If the studio’s marketing people still insist that it was never their intention to change the movie’s title, where are all these retailers getting that idea from? Don’t they create their listings based on information the studio provides to them?

In any case, the SteelBook artwork otherwise is perhaps not the most exciting choice of image, but it’s fine. I like it well enough. It’s better than the keepcase art. I’ll be happy to preorder this. No 3D included, though. That’s a disappointment.


Available at: Amazon Germany
Release date: October 9, 2014
Price: €29.99 EUR
Region code: Blu-rays from Warner Bros. are almost always region-free

If you want 3D, you have to look overseas. The same basic SteelBook with the addition to 3D will be exclusive to Amazon Germany.


  1. That’s awfully expensive when it doesn’t come with the 3D version. I enjoy collecting Steelbooks, but I’m going to pay a little more for an import version with 3D.

    • Shad Issa

      I think its ridiculous that the overseas market gets a lot of the cooler releases. why cant it just be the same across the board(ers) so lame. with that being said, how do you purchase stuff from amazon Germany? I have failed in the past.

      • Josh Zyber

        You can sign into Amazon Germany using your same account as Amazon U.S. It will already have all of your information saved. Unfortunately, the German site doesn’t have an English translation option, but the navigation should be pretty much the same as the American version. Items sold directly by Amazon Germany can be shipped to the USA. However, third-party sellers may or may not ship internationally.

    • Freakyguy666

      Actually, I saw it in both 2D & 3D and the 3D version was much more immersive. And I RARELY support 3D conversions. It was very well done–especially the finale.

      Ps looks like I was right about no title change.

  2. Maybe I can find a loophole. At Moviestop, a lot of people buy 3d versions and then sell back the 3d bluray, which Moviestop will sell for about seven or eight bucks. I’m gonna look into that.

  3. Chris B

    Any word on a Future Shop exclusive version? I picked up one for Pacific Rim and was hoping they’d offer one for this movie as well.

    • Timcharger

      It’s like the cover art printing department got 2 memos:
      Live Die Repeat
      Edge of Tomorrow
      and someone spilled coffee all over the 2 memos.

      The result after wiping away the coffee is:
      Live on the Edge

  4. So, combining the Australian, Japanse and American cases, there’s at least four titles for this movie. I really REALLY hope the next journalist that gets to interview Cruise of Blunt will ask (one of) them: “So, what was that movie called again?”

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