Full Metal Jackets: He Was Turned to Steel in the Great Magnetic Field

Some movie franchises, by virtue of their subject matter, practically beg for the SteelBook collectible treatment on Blu-ray. Seriously, how perfect is it to own the ‘Iron Man’ films in metal cases? The latest entry, this summer’s mega-blockbuster ‘Iron Man 3’, will get an exclusive SteelBook in the UK.

Once again, UK retailer Zavvi scores a major exclusive to entice SteelBook collectors. This one is scheduled for release on September 9th:

I think the design is pretty classy, and it goes well with the (now out of print) ‘Iron Man’ SteelBook from Future Shop in Canada and the Target-exclusive MetalPak edition of ‘Iron Man 2’ that I already have in my collection.

Not to mention the ‘Avengers’ Steelbook that was offered by both Future Shop in Canada and Best Buy in the U.S.

Unfortunately, while Zavvi will ship to the United States, initial specs indicate that the ‘Iron Man 3’ disc will be locked to Region B. The listing also makes no mention of including the 3D version of the movie. I suppose that if you’re a dedicated collector, you might want to buy this just for the case, and then also buy the American Blu-ray edition to put into it.

[Update: The disc is 2D only, but it’s actually region-free.]

If that strikes your fancy, you can preorder the SteelBook from Zavvi before it sells out.


  1. Timcharger

    Speaking of apt for steel treatment, Man of Steel Steelbook should be a no brainer.

    I bought my first CD in years. My first CD during its release week in maybe a decade. I held this:
    in my hand, and I had to buy it. I couldn’t resist. It’s so beautiful. Steelbook addicts don’t, I repeat DON’T look for this. Don’t hold this in your hand. This beautifully embossed CD Steelbook is the Ring of Power. No force on Middle Earth, Earth, or Kryton can resist its power.

  2. Sartozki

    I’m canadian, so I bought iron man one steel when it came out. Then I traded with one forum member a FS Pixar steel for Iron Man 2 steel (not released in Canada) but Importing from the UK for a region locked disc… That just sucks. Hope fs comes up with their own exclusive

  3. Why oh why do we have to go through hoops to get these in the US. Almost every single one of these is am American Film and I have to go outside to get them?

    Exclusivity and limited editions to the point that people can’t even buy them at all are just stupid.

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