‘Slayaway Camp’ Giveaway Results

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, we here at HDD hope you’re having a very happy Christmas Day. It’s about to get even better for two of our readers who entered the ‘Slayaway Camp’ giveaway last week. On to the results!

The contest was simple — just make a comment on this post with your favorite horror movie villain. Two lucky random winners would get to add Blue Wizard Digital’s horror movie-themed sliding block puzzle game ‘Slayaway Camp’ to their Steam libraries, and one of those winners would also receive the expansion to the videogame, ‘Santa’s Slay’.

The results are in and the winner of ‘Slayaway Camp’ + ‘Slayaway Camp: Santa’s Slay’ is…

Ganerioz – “Well I always found that Michael Myers from Halloween is scary.”

And the runner-up winner for ‘Slayaway Camp’ is…

Leon Durham – “Xenomorph from Alien.”

Congratulations to you both, and thanks and happy holidays to all who participated in the giveaway!


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