‘Skyfall’ Contest Results

Last week, we offered you the chance to win the James Bond blockbuster ‘Skyfall’ on Blu-ray. After pouring through the entries, we’ve finally picked a winner. Read on to find out which of our lucky readers will receive a free copy of the disc!

As explained in the original post, our challenge was to provide a funny or clever caption for the following image.

Once again, our readers stepped up to the plate with many hilarious submissions. The process of winnowing them down to just a handful of Honorable Mentions and one winner is always painful, but this is what we came up with.

Honorable Mentions
  1. Sam C: Sitting on a wooden bench hasn’t felt right since that session with Le Chiffre.
  2. BambooLounge: I do this each day on my lunch hour ever since watching Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair.
  3. HuskerGuy: The artist’s rendition of Pussy Galore was truly mesmerizing.
  4. Adam C: “Finally, a quantum of solace.”
  5. Shayne: That’s not the bench leg.
  6. Michael H: I really shouldn’t have had that second bean burrito.
  7. Deepak: The Spy Who Loved Art.
  8. Aaron M: “The name’s James. James Bond. No. Not cool enough. The name’s James Bond. The name’s Mr. Bond. Mr. James Bond. Bond is my name, but you can call me James. Mr. Bond was my father’s name. You can call me James. James was my father’s name. You can call me Mr. Bond. Call me Jim. Jim Bond. Jimmy Bond…The name’s Bond. James Bond… The name’s Bond. James Bond…”
  9. DemLo: *SIGH* I can’t wait to retire so I can finally follow my true passion and start painting my kitties.
  10. Richard: Please not Slytherin please not Slytherin please not Slytherin!
  11. Matt: “Bored. James Bored.”
  12. Rob: They never made Connery wait.
  13. Jim: On Her Majesty’s time out bench…
  14. Cameron: “Vesper would have liked this painting”…*Pulls out phone*… At the museum fondly remembering @VesperLynd #RIP #I<3U #LOML #Quantum #Solace #youhadmeatimthemoney
  15. Mike R: He found “Dogs Playing Poker” to be oddly arousing.
  16. Dominique M: Bond, after agreeing via e-mail to meet up with that Nigerian Prince who he kept sending money to.
  17. NJScorpio: Why couldn’t I have been one of those James Bonds with laser pens and submarine cars?
  18. Tim C: I’m 50 now, so give me sec to rest on this museum bench.
  19. Tom A: Be a secret agent, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Fly around the world. Blow things up. Drive fast cars with even faster women. :sigh: Still, this beats paperwork.
  20. David W: Choosing his next witticism carefully (for it may be his last).
The Winner!

Chris gave us several art-related puns, but this was by far the funniest, and was the entry that made me laugh the hardest.

007 Motto: Fuck bitches. Get Monet.

What can I say? Sometimes crude humor appeals to me. But, more than that, the joke also functions as a pretty clever parody of Bond’s reputation as a sexist womanizer. See, it works on multiple levels.

Congratulations to Chris for winning ‘Skyfall‘ on Blu-ray. For the rest of you, thanks for participating, and don’t forget that we still have a giveaway for ‘The Terminator’ (Remastered) going on. Get those entries in!


  1. Timcharger

    I was robbed.

    “Mona Lisa” name of Da Vinci’s estate.
    “Last Supper” name of Jesus’ favorite restaurant.
    “Skyfall” is the name Bond’s house.

    Lovers and Haters of the film can all agree on this: when it was revealed what the title “Skyfall” meant, we were all cringing and thinking it was such an anti-climatic, unfulfilling reveal. I swear I heard the lower key-change sound effect: WAH, Wah, wah. And the theater collectively say, “really?”

    • Josh Zyber

      Sorry, don’t agree at all, and didn’t sense any such mood change during either of the two theatrical screenings I saw.

      Honestly, I don’t even understand why that would be disappointing. Did you expect the word to mean something else?

      • Timcharger

        Hi Josh, my theater reaction comments are for humor hyberbole. I learned from you.

        But you gotta admit, when you hear Adele sing: “let the sky fall, when it crumbles, we will stand tall… at Skyfall…” That word pun is for 8 year olds. Connected to a polygraph, Josh, you’ll admit that it was anti-climatic and unfulfulling.

        See my example of “Lost in Turmoil” in the Skyfall thread, maybe that will make you laugh.

        • Josh Zyber

          As opposed to, say, “And he strikes like Thunderball”? Or maybe, “Just like the Moonraker knows”?

          This just seems like a totally arbitrary thing to be annoyed by.

          Mona Lisa is the name of the woman? LAME!!! 🙂

  2. Timcharger

    Josh, I think you get it…

    The painting is of a woman. So it’s called Mona Lisa.

    I’m not going to the theater with my Realtor, and he’s showing me MLS printouts of homes for sale. So I don’t want to look at the Skyfall house.

    Yes, Bond has a tradition of cringing movie titles revealed in the film. But I was hoping that streak stay broken.

    Imagine how bad it would be if in QofS,
    after Bond kills the Vesper necklace guy, he
    says, now that gave me a quantum of solace.

    And let’s take this to the Skyfall thread.

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