Monster Madness: Samael vs. The Mummy – Orochi vs. Giant Squid

Today brings us the last two Monster Madness matches before we find out which monsters will make it to the final eight. Does the Giant Squid have enough tentacle-y power to overtake an eight-headed dragon? Which resurrected monstrosity is stronger than the other? Your vote counts more now than ever.

Here we have the last two monsters in the medium-sized round. Both are also masters of resurrection. One wonders if either could actually die. Without Brendan Fraser on hand, we have no idea if Imothep can be defeated. Similarly, without Hellboy and his fire-happy girlfriend, we wonder if Samael can be exterminated. This could be a battle into infinity.

The Mummy – Truthfully, I was a little disappointed that Imothep got past Pyramid Head in the first round. I felt like old Pyramid Head was a dark horse candidate to go pretty far in this tournament. No such luck. After that match, the Mummy easily dispatched Swamp Thing and now finds himself one step closer to the finals.

Secret Weapon: So. Much. Magic. Just oodles of magic. He can control sand and water, and has the unique ability to CGI his face in both.


Samael – This is another unlikely monster that I didn’t think would go very far. I assumed that the popularity of the Thing in the first round would’ve knocked Samael right out. That wasn’t the case, though. The Resurrection Hound went on to kill Kothoga too. Can he be stopped?

Secret Weapon: Not only can he be resurrected, but every time he returns from the dead, another copy comes back with him. It’s quite possible that, at some point, Imothep could be fighting thousands of Samaels.


The Mummy vs. Samael

  • The Mummy (50%, 25 Votes)
  • Samael (50%, 25 Votes)

Total Voters: 50

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I’m beginning to lament putting Orochi in the tournament. There just isn’t a lot of information about the dragon’s movie version. I can find plenty of info about the folklore of Orochi, but that shouldn’t really count here, right? The truth is, I think many people are seeing an eight-headed dragon in the pictures and saying, “That’s badass. Nothing can beat that.”

Giant Squid – The Giant Squid hasn’t had an easy road to this point. First he had to take on Sharktopus. Sure, Sharktopus is pretty corny, but he was a formidable foe. Then it was on to the Fell Beast. Somehow, the Giant Squid was able to reach out of the water, pull the Fell Beast into the ocean and drown it. At least, that’s how I figure it happened.

Secret Weapon: If those tentacles can take down a flying enemy of evil, maybe they can subdue eight dragon heads.


Orochi – Taking out Gorgo was easy. Then it was a battle against the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I felt bad for poor Stay Puft. He’s a great monster, but he had no chance against an eight-headed dragon that breathes fire. Will Orochi take down another beloved movie monster?

Secret Weapon: Eight-heads, countless teeth, and fire breath. Sigh.


Orochi vs. Giant Squid

  • Orochi (57%, 27 Votes)
  • Giant Squid (43%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 47

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  1. William Henley

    An 8-headed dragon versus an 8 legged giant sea creature? 8 heads! EIGHT HEADS!!!! COOL!!!!

  2. Rcorman

    The Mummy doesn’t have to kill Samael. Just entomb it under the desert so it can’t escape.

  3. Dimwit

    Sammy might have met his match but I don’t think so.
    OTOH Squiddy has the definite advantage. Yeah 8 heads but can he swim? Unless he gets into the Watchmen Squiddy is never going to fly. Orochi then has to swim to get at him. His element. An underwater flying dragon? Not likely!