Saving Private Ryan

‘Saving Private Ryan’ Contest Results

Listen up, Charlie Company! We’ve got two copies of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ on 4k Ultra HD heading your way. Let’s find out who won last week’s contest.

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

And the winner is…

Honorable Mentions

  1. Alex: Wait, explain it to me again – what is it that Scotty doesn’t know?
  2. Mark: Kimmel didn’t have time for you either?
  3. Bill M: You feel that notch on your head? That’s why we wear helmets. Hello?
  4. David D: Damon: Hey, have you seen my movie Downsizing?
    Hanks: No, have you seen my movie The Post?
    Damon: I still want a refund for The Circle!
    Hanks: I saw The Great Wall, let’s just call it a wash.
  5. Derek: I’m sorry, I’ve got the wrong guy, I was looking for Nathan Fillion.
  6. cXdX: With all due respect sir, what wouldn’t I do for a Klondike bar?
  7. Michael P: Yes son, I actually do like apples!
  8. Mr. J: Son, if I could look you straight in the eye, I would. But after traveling for weeks through hell and high water just to get your A$$ outta dodge, this dysentery lake we’re standing in is preventing my eyes to focus straight.
  9. Ryan C: “Did you really just spoil Infinity War for me?”
  10. NJScorpio: “Look, Matt, I’ve been in this industry for a long time. There is no grey area…just say he was a terrible guy and you should have said something sooner.”
  11. Csm101: “I’d hate to admit to this right now because everyone hates him, but Harvey is a really gentle kisser.”
  12. Jason B: You mean to tell me you’ve never been on a shrimp boat before?
  13. Andy: “We’ve searched all over war-torn Europe, trudged through mud and blood, and lost two of our best guys. I’ve seen things that will haunt my dreams for all time. Now I have to ask you one question: Have you seen a volleyball with a face on it? I really miss it.”
  14. Art A: Kinda blew your wad with Good Will Hunting, didn’t you?
  15. Moremovies85: Hanks – “All this blood, sweat, and tears and we’re going to be beaten at the Oscars by Shakespeare in Love”
    Damon – “Now that’s FUBAR”
  16. Javier A: Have you seen my other red shoe?
  17. Jason W: Who’s your dentist over here?
  18. Chad R: “Son, between this, that Mars thing, that Interstellar thing: do you have any idea how much money the government has blown saving your ass?”
  19. Russ T: If they would have made action figures out of us, Toys-R’-Us would still be in business!
  20. Leon D: Saving Private Ryan is like a box of chocolates. They look better in 4k.

The Winners!

I’m giving a copy to Gene because I can totally see this happening:

Really….they want to do a musical version on Broadway??!!!

I’m sure some aspiring producer out there has actually given this some thought and come damn close to making it a reality.

Howard’s entry was simple, but it made me laugh. Imagine how deflating the final act of the movie would be if it ended like this:

My mom doesn’t actually like me, but hey thanks for coming all this way.

Congratulations to Gene and Howard for winning ‘Saving Private Ryan‘ on Ultra HD Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest.

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