‘San Andreas’ Contest Results

As promised last week, one of our readers is going to take home a free copy of the disaster epic ‘San Andreas’ on Blu-ray. The time has come to reveal the winner. Let’s rock this thing!

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

And the winner is…

Honorable Mentions

  1. Jason: Thanks for helping me find my contact lens but did you really have to throw everything around like this?
  2. kashtarreaper: You can hide all you want, it won’t change the lousy reviews.
  3. Ariel R: I can’t believe this! We are about to die and this guy is still looking at porn!!!!!
  4. Alex: There’s 200,000 tons of steel and concrete above us, but yeah, I’m thinking this desk will hold…
  5. Adam C: In moments of extreme superstition, you don’t knock on wood – you hug the everloving $*^ out of it.
  6. Scott H: Wow, this Dolby Atmos system is amazing, didn’t know the height channels also had debris dropping mechanisms.
  7. Brian: The wifi is better down here.
  8. phill: It’s the end of the world and someone still has to go on FaceBook.
  9. Edward C: You didn’t tell me the Hulk was your boyfriend.
  10. Dusty: Whatever you do… don’t fart.
  11. Tone-C: You never even give me the time of day and now you’re holding my hand? I feel like you’re giving me mixed signals.
  12. KiKS: “Hey, Looks like the guy’s busy with Minesweeper… Shall we play peek-a-boo?”
  13. Timcharger: “Quiet! No one move. Stay hidden under the table. 1 more sequence and then the auto-calibration of the Atmos overhead speakers is complete.”
  14. Csm101: “Before we go, I just wanted to confess that for the past five years it’s been a fantasy of mine to be the center link in a human centipede.”
  15. Gary W: “All I said was I’m NOT drinking a merlot!!”
  16. Carl C: When I said I wanted to see “Tremors” with you, I meant the Kevin Bacon version.
  17. Chapz K: Wait… These two are both on Ashley Madison.
  18. Mike C: All together now: “I feel the earth move under my feet…!”
  19. Chaz: The levels of abandoned chewing gum under the desk have caused the entire office to become completely unbalanced in nature, creating mass chaos, debris and shame.
  20. Leon D: I think The Rock forgot to turn off the pilot light when he was done cooking.

The Winner!

I don’t know whether anyone else found this as funny as I did, but I think Manish really captured the silliness of this type of movie with his entry. I can totally see it being a plausible line of dialogue you’d hear in something like this.

Shhhh…the earthquake can hear us.

Congratulations to Manish for winning ‘San Andreas‘ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest. Visit us again later today and you might get a chance to win something else exciting.

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