‘Robin Hood’ Contest Results!

Yoiks… and Away! It’s time to reveal the winners of our ‘Robin Hood’ Blu-ray limerick contest. Follow after the break to see who won.

Last week, we offered you the chance to win the new Blu-ray release of Ridley Scott’s ‘Robin Hood: Director’s Cut‘. All you had to do was write a Robin Hood-themed limerick. It could be about the new movie, any previous movie version, or the Robin Hood legend in general. We even opened it up to let you enter as many times as you wanted. We got some great responses. These are our favorites:

Honorable Mentions

Alex wrote:

Rode Locksley to Marian to see
Then fell upon bended knee
But to marry the dope
She just had to say nope
Cause he looked better in tights than did she

BambooLounge wrote:

So, Warner Bros. didn’t like Josh’s rhyme
They seem to think Costner was fine
Newsflash he sucked
and you can get [use your rhyming imagination]
Please cast an actor who speaks “British” next time.

Motorheadache wrote:

“Nottingham” showed fresh ideas weren’t dead
But Scott didn’t like the script he had read
So the story sunk
And the movie stunk
‘Cause he redid “Gladiator” instead.

As demonstrated in that last one, we had a lot of responses that made fun of the movie. It was also nice to see someone (like Mystic Pizza here) who actually liked it.

Robin Hood is a legend often told
but hearing it told the same way grew old
We all love Errol Flynn
but now Crowe has stepped in
as Sir Ridley attempts something bold

Ah, poor Shayne here is ever the bridesmaid. He’s scored Honorable Mentions in all of our recent contests. This limerick of his is pretty hilarious and came damn close to winning this one.

Mastrontonio’s certainly modest
and Yasbeck is damn near a goddess
No offense to Blanchett
but I’ve got to admit
That the Disney cartoon was the hottest

I wish we had more copies of the disc to give away. Unfortunately, there can only be one…


Brandon clearly enjoyed this contest. He entered several times, and even enlisted his mother to write some limericks. This one from his mother… well, as you can see, it really takes the cake.

Everyone get up, it’s the Robin Hood Song,
Put on your tights, and slap on that green thong!
Sherwood Forest represent!
Elect the outlaw for president!
Oh God did I write this? Musta played too much beer pong.

A limerick that makes me do a spit-take is a winner in my book. So congratulations to Brandon’s Mom for winning our copy of ‘Robin Hood’ on Blu-ray!

Thanks to everyone who entered. This was a lot of fun. While we don’t have a new contest to start this week, we’ll definitely try to arrange more as soon as we’re able.


  1. motorheadache

    Nice– Brandon pretty much owned this contest– the amount of limericks he thought up was astonishing! I was impressed with myself for coming up with a second one by the end 🙂

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