The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Yellow One

See that picture up there? That’s my system, and the worst has finally happened. The Yellow Light of Death has struck my PS3. This leaves me without a device to play PlayStation 3 games, and without a Blu-ray player. It’s a trying time, to say the least. Since my system’s not under warranty, I’m faced with a few options, none of which are particularly attractive. No matter what, I’m without a PS3 and Blu-ray player until pay day rolls around. My grieving during this difficult time has taken the form of poetry – inspired in part by all the ‘Halo’ haikus I’ve been reading. I’d like to share it with you.

I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel
At least for my dear PS3
It blinks green and then yellow and red
And the fix for it doesn’t come free

I attempted to watch a nice movie
But the yellow light of death
It shone brightly from my PlayStation
My system has breathed its last breath

Three choices now lay before me
None of which seem to be good
I’d rather just have my system still work
And play Blu-rays just like it should

The first is the simplest option
Live without ’til I buy one that’s new
But to suffer so long without it
Is something I just cannot do

The second’s attractive but risky
That’s attempting the deed on my own
But if something went wrong while I did it
The chance to revive would be blown

The final choice is to call Sony
But the warranty’s long since expired
And paying a hundred and fifty
Is something that’s just not desired

Worse yet it’s a 60 gig system
With the Emotion Engine built in
There’s no guarantee I’ll be getting one back
Cue world’s smallest violin


  1. One of my biggest fears is the day my PS3 dies. I lost it once before, but it was under warrenty, but the majority of my games are psx and ps2 games. The fact that Sony doesn’t even offer the option anymore saddens me.

    That being said, there are still a good many systems with the Emotion Engine at Gamestop

  2. Dtoxz

    I feel your pain. That really stinks. Sony fixes em for $150 out of warranty. I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. Mine happened on my birthday if it makes you feel any better.

    Say good bye to your HDD too unless you backed it up.

    [Mod note: First sentence deleted. Not cool, dude. Not cool at all.]

  3. ATLRoAcH

    I would go with gophermods if I were you. I used them and they did a great job. It’s $70 for the fix with a two month warranty and you can get a six month warranty for $30. They use a professional reflow machine. Go on their site and look them up. The other reasons for using them is you get your same PS3 back with your data still there and your game disc. I haven’t had anymore YLOD problems in the 3 months since I had it fixed. The power supply did just go out though. I don’t have my PS3 right now I sent it to gophermods to fix this also. I called them and they gave me a nearly 50% discount for being a previous costumer. They’re really good from my experience with them.

  4. ATLRoAcH

    By the way. They didn’t even damage the warranty sticker. I was really impressed with their work.

  5. Wolf26pack

    Hey Dick,

    I know exactly what you are going through. I recently had my PS3 get the YLOD & had to send it in to Sony for the $150 repair fee since just like yours it’s a 60GB so I didn’t feel I had any options.

    After finally getting a 60GB refurb from Sony & paying the $150, I had to immediately return it because it sounded like a Vacuum Cleaner & I wanted my original 60GB back. I went through so many customer service representatives and none of them seemed to even to attempt to look for my original even though they should have been able to locate it via the Serial #. I finally got sick of it and ended up emailing Playstations CEO Jack Tretton, within the hour I got a call from his secretary and she said she would handle it personally.

    After being without a PS3 for what seems like a month I finally got a fully functioning 60GB PS3. I just wish they would have given me back my original PS3 as you never know what other people have done with their PS3’s and what is about to give out next. (Crosses Fingers, nothing goes wrong)

  6. James

    Send it to me and I can fix it in a day. Fixed mine twice, have a 60 gig launch model as well.

  7. coop

    my 60 gig did it twice and i payed to have it fixed the first time and sold it the 2nd time not worth the hassle when i have a xbox that is fixed for free with no hassle. i have banned all Sony equipment from my house!!!

  8. I am a pastor in Az and I fixed my brothers ps3 in about an hour with a borrowed heat gun and a phillips screw driver. There are a few guides online and some youtube videos. you basically strip it down to the motherboard and then run a heat gun over the main chips for 30 seconds each, let sit 15 minutes flip it over and repeat. Reassemble and cross your fingers.

  9. seminole

    I would go with gophermods. Just got my system back 2 weeks ago after the yellow light of death and it works great. The best part is it cost only cost $80.00 to fix it which is half what sony wanted. They did give me a list of precautions to follow over the next two months, such as after a 2 hour session turn system off for 15-20 minutes and let it cool down and then resume play. After two months play as much as you want. Check their website out at and give them a call.