Netflix and 3D Movies Coming to the 3DS

Nintendo has a reputation as a fairly closed-off company. It isn’t great in supporting third-party developers, and it has historically been awful with online play. However, Nintendo is doing things a bit differently with the 3DS.

At the Game Developer’s Conference this week, Nintendo made some big announcements about its upcoming handheld system. Specifically, it announced that the 3DS will be the first Nintendo system to really take advantage of third-party content close to launch.

The first big piece of news concerns 3D movies. There still isn’t anything solid regarding the availability of full length 3D flicks, but Nintendo did say that 3D movie trailers will be available on the system. In addition to the trailers, a short-form 3D video service will be launched that allows you to watch music videos, comedy content and more streaming right to your 3DS. No partners were announced as of yet.

The second big reveal is the inclusion of Netflix. It won’t be built into the system at launch, but 3DS owners will get to enjoy streaming content on their handheld devices this summer. This may sound like a natural decision, but it’s incredibly forward thinking for Nintendo.

Things could get really interesting if Netflix starts to add 3D content. If the rumors are true, we’ll be seeing Netflix 3D this summer too. That would make the 3DS the cheapest and easiest way to get 3D movies.

(More coverage at Wired.)


  1. You got my attention. If Netflix adds 3D support, and the 3DS supports it, I will pick one up for sure. I am already tempted by the 3D camera and the fact that I don’t have a DS right now is making me drool

      • How about Amazon? If you are a Prime member, it will be delivered to you on its release date, and you don’t have to leave the house. Unless you just like to.

        I never go to the store anymore. Shoot, if I could order groceries online and get free delivery, I would only leave the house for work and church!

  2. i’m also considering getting one soon. i’d jump in a heartbeat if they announced movies of the 3d assortment available for purchase. THAT would be cool, even if it would be too reminiscent of UMD flicks.

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