Goodnight Dune

Why didn’t anybody think of this before now? More importantly, why didn’t I think of this? Someone has drawn up a pitch-perfect spoof of the famous children’s book ‘Goodnight Moon’ mashed together with my favorite movie, ‘Dune‘. And it is sublime.

Pop over to the Goodnight Dune site and pay attention to all the little details. Many of them borrow from the designs of the David Lynch film, not the awful cable TV miniseries, which is an added bonus. Things of note:

  1. The Baron floating near the ceiling.
  2. The two moons out the window.
  3. The flying glow-globe lamp.
  4. The curtains in the Atreides’ royal gold and green colors.
  5. The Laza Tiger-skin rug (from ‘Children of Dune’).
  6. The box of Spice treats and the poison tester on the bedside table.
  7. The bunny’s jammies that look like Paul’s uniform.
  8. The portrait of the Sandworm over the fireplace.
  9. The Water of Life basin in the fireplace surrounded by maker hooks and a crysknife.
  10. The models of the Emperor’s flying palace and a couple of Ornithopters (with wings, as described in the book) on the nightstand.
  11. The toy Spacing Guild heighliner on the floor.
  12. The painting of the teddy bear Fremen in stillsuits over the bed!
  13. The Sardaukar playing.
  14. The Gom Jabbar toys.
  15. The Arakeen palace playset.
  16. The pain box.
  17. The Feyd Rautha (in codpiece!) and Sandworm dolls on top of the bookshelf.
  18. A Spacing Guild Navigator plush toy on the bottom of the bookshelf.
  19. The doll next to the Guild Navigator. Is that supposed to be Alia? I’m at a loss for that one.
  20. The Bene Gesserit nanny.
  21. The portrait of the Dr. Yueh bunny pointing to a fake tooth.
  22. The adorable mouse named Muad’dib (which means “mouse shadow”).

Simply glorious.

[via Dune: Behind-the-Scenes]

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