‘Mortal Kombat’ Web Series Debuts April 12th – Preview Clip Disappoints

I’ve been excited ever since that amazing ‘Mortal Kombat’ pitch video started making its rounds on the internet. The production value, the tone, and the serious nature of the thing had me all but ready to forget about those awful movies made in the mid ’90s. A clip for the new web series has finally come out and it’s… Well, it’s disappointing at best.

The thing about videogame movies is that fans want to see their favorite videogame made into a film. Seems obvious, right? Strangely, that’s not what we usually get. The comic book industry is finally getting there thanks to movies like ‘300’, ‘Sin City’ and ‘Watchmen’, but video games have a long way to go.

That’s why this clip from the new web series ‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’ lets me down. It’s over a minute long and there’s absolutely nothing in it that says ‘Mortal Kombat’ except the logo at the end. It’s just a gun fight followed by some martial arts, and then the tease of an explosion. It could be a scene from any action movie ever made.

Of course, just because this clip is bland and pointless doesn’t mean that the series will be. If it’s anything like the pitch video, we’ll be in for a treat. A treat that’s a little cheesy at points, sure, but a treat nonetheless. Not a cupcake as much as some fried mozzarella.

When it debuts, the series will be found on the MachinimaYouTube Channel. A special launch event will also be held before the premiere on Machinima.com. The writer and director Kevin Tancharoen and cast will be featured live on the site, with details coming soon.


    • It seems like they’re doing an origin story, which is really unfortunate. I don’t care how Scorpion became Scorpion – I just want to see Scorpion.

      Then again, if I could see Darth Vader as a whiny little kid, that would be pretty sweet.

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