Leaving the Stream: Week of November 7th, 2010

There’s not too much leaving the stream this week, so you’re in luck. That is, you’re in luck unless you’re a fan of ‘Saturday Night Live’, in which case you’re going to want to jump on fast and watch some of the classics.

Saturday Night Live (11/15)

From the look of things, you’re going to be losing all of the ‘Saturday Night Live‘ episodes currently available on Netflix on the 15th. It seems incredibly likely that these will be renewed, but you might want to play it safe and check out some of your favorites. If you’re starting with Season One, I highly recommend the third episode, featuring the comedy of Rob Reiner, the legendary Andy Kaufman, and of course John Belushi as Joe Cocker.

Quincy, M.E. (11/15)

‘Quincy’ wasn’t the first show that tackled crime from the point of view of a medical examiner, but it can certainly be credited for popularizing the genre. If you like ‘Bones’, ‘CSI’, or any of the other police procedurals with a focus on evidence over footwork, you might want to take a look at ‘Quincy, M.E.

Plan 9 from Outer Space (11/14)

This is far from a good movie. In fact, Ed Wood’s infamous ‘Plan 9‘ has been heralded as one of the worst movies of all time. It’s one of those films that must be seen, if only so that you can talk to others who have suffered through the same experience. If you absolutely can’t take it, don’t worry, there’s a Rifftrax for that.

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  1. I still like the first episode of SNL with the Muppets and George Carlin. Sadly, that is as far as I have gotten – have too many other shows to catch up with like….

    Farscape. Only in the third episode and its leaving tomorrow. 🙁

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