Skadoosh! Kung Fu Panda 2 Contest Results

Let’s start this new year off right by giving away some free stuff. That sounds like a terrific plan to me. Read on to found out who won last week’s ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ contest.

As explained in the contest rules, we challenged you to create a clever ‘Kung Fu Panda’-themed haiku in the traditional 5-7-5 format. Here are some of my favorite entries.

Honorable Mentions

Roger B. wrote:

Blank scroll confounds him
Big appetite defines him
Kung Fu bear – Ska-doosh!

Our perpetual Honorable Mention Shayne wrote:

Nobody Noticed
That they simply redubbed Bev-
erly Hills Ninja

In the next movie
they try unsuccessfully
to get Po to mate

Dreamworks plot model:
the incapable fat guy
will always triumph

Don’t feel too badly for Shayne. He has won one of our contests in the past.

This one from Mike is a real groaner:

Po panda dream of
Riches that come with big fame
So he po no mo

Mike A. gave us these:

Never understood
why no 2D version with
3D combo pack

First one was better
but I digress from my point
still want to win it

Isaac wrote:

What fat panda lacks
In grace, he makes up for in…
zeal and appetite.

This defeatist haiku from Chuck made me laugh a lot. Sadly, the second line has eight syllables, not the required seven. Sorry, Chuck!

Writing haiku sucks.
Rarely making any damn sense,
So keep your movie

Kim K tripped up a couple times in the syllable count as well (“Black and white warrior will” and “Dragon Warrior” both need one more syllable respectively), but I still like this descriptive series of entries:

Evil crane’s revenge
Will Po find his family?
Not til next sequel

Ancient prophecy
Black and white warrior will
Spell doom for peacock

Po confronts his past
Shifu urges Ox and Croc
To help save city

Noodle dream no more
Po searches for family
Finds inner peace now

Dragon Warrior
Cruel Lord Shen will not abide
Killed all but one bear

Meet new friends and foes
In sequel Furious five
Were less important

Death of family
Orphan bear in raddish crate
Still finds destiny

The Winners!

As we already announced last week, “Random Commenter” won our pre-contest contest. Not to worry, we still have two more Blu-ray copies of ‘Kung Fu Panda 2‘ to give away.

A haiku doesn’t need to rhyme. In fact, I’m sure some purists out there might argue that a haiku shouldn’t rhyme. Nonetheless, this silly verse from Mike C. made me smile:

Kicking like a pro,
our kind and lovable Po,
learns his Tae Kwon Do.

And this one from Stuart sounds like it could come right from Jack Black’s mouth:

How can we top it?
Kung Fu Panda was so good.
Relax, I got this!

Congratulations to Random Commenter, Mike and Stuart for winning ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ on Blu-ray! As for the rest of you, don’t give up hope if you didn’t win this one. We expect to have a lot more contests throughout the year.


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