‘Jurassic World’ Contest Results

Given the movie’s subject matter, I thought it might be appropriate to wait about 65 million years to reveal the winner of last week’s ‘Jurassic World’ contest. Sadly, I have a feeling our readers would grow impatient with that. Let’s get to it today instead.

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

And the winner is…

Honorable Mentions

  1. David S: “Hang on. I think this might be an Infinity Stone.”
  2. NSScorpio: “This is the biggest Bugle I’ve ever seen.”
  3. Csm101: “W-What is it?! What did you find?!”
    – “Hmmm, it says… Made in China?”
  4. Adam C: “Ohhhh… I thought you meant Parks and Wreck”
  5. Cameron: “My name is Chris Pratt, I’ll be auditioning for the role of Indiana Jones.”
  6. Ronald O: I wonder how much the Tooth Fairy will give me for this!
  7. Juan: So that’s where my heel went.
  8. Jason: “All that genetic engineering and they couldn’t code in some healthy teeth genes?”
  9. Steve: We’re in luck, now we just have to find the tiny Gnome this belongs too…
  10. Priscilla S: You’re next, Claire. Everyone has to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point.
  11. KiKS: “We’re gonna need a bigger… dentist?”
  12. Jim M: You weren’t kidding. You did have a thorn in your foot.
  13. Carl C: I know what you’re thinking but I’m still not having sex with you.
  14. miguelnh: Oh boy, I can’t wait to show this to the guys at Pawn Stars.
  15. moremovies85: “What did the dinosaur eat after he had his tooth removed?”
    – “I don’t know, what?”
    “The dentist.”
  16. David H: I don’t care if it matches your hair, I’m not getting you another just so you can have matching earrings.
  17. Yovan B: “OMG where did you get that?!”
    – “Gift shop.
  18. Dan: “We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us.”
  19. ED: “Grandma, what great big teeth you have.”
  20. Jared M: “I wonder if this would fetch me enough to not have to be in the sequel.”

The Winner!

We got a lot of really funny responses to this one. For my money (and by “money,” I mean a copy of the Blu-ray), Stephan here tickled my funny bone the most.

Universal told me to put some teeth into my acting.

Congratulations to Stephan for winning ‘Jurassic World – 3D‘ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest!

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