‘Indiana Jones’ Contest Results!

Wow! I think it’s safe to say that you folks out there may have been a slight bit interested in the chance to win a copy of ‘Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures‘ on Blu-ray. We had a huge turnout for our contest last week. More than that, almost all of the entries were great. I wish that we had more copies of the prize to give away. Sadly, only one person can walk away a winner. Let’s find out which of our lucky readers that is.

As described in the original post, our challenge was to come up with a funny or clever caption for the following image:

Clearly, this was rich fodder for your hilarity.

I usually try to narrow down our contest results to ten Honorable Mentions. That was basically impossible this time. After reading through all of the submissions, I pulled out the following long list of no less than 60 favorites. Whew! Honestly, I could have named even more. This is after I limited my picks to one caption per person and cut a lot of perfectly good responses.

  1. Jonathan D: “The dimensions of the Ark are .002 microns off center!! NOT PRECISE!!!!!!”
  2. neotruelove: “OMG, it is Marsellus Wallace’s soul!!!!!!”
  3. HuskerGuy: “He chose to be a Nazi, he chose to fight Indy, he chose to open the Ark. He chose…poorly.”
  4. Jay: “He just noticed his mom reading 50 Shades of Grey.”
  5. Mark B: “Did I just hear you say you invited your mother to come live with us?”
  6. Ken C: “Cat box odor getting out of control?”
  7. Jeff M: “Standard def is fuuuugly!!”
  8. Barsoom Bob: “OMG ! Those are the future Queen of England’s tits!”
  9. Matt G: “Nicki Minaj is a JUDGE on American Idol?!?!”
  10. Raidel: “The new set will contain the 4th movie as well. NOOOOO!!”
  11. Mike and Max: “Oh my god, the DNR on this PREDATOR disc horrifying!”
  12. GregBluRay: “Circumsize!!!! I thought you said Supersize!!!!!”
  13. Robert B: “They added CGI ewoks to the opening in the jungle!”
  14. Daniel S: “OMG, Facebook’s down again!”
  15. Kevin F: “I am blinded by the awesomeness of the new iphone. well until next week when the new new iphone comes out.”
  16. James K: “What do you mean Greedo shot first!?”
  17. Cameron: “No way he survived that nuke! There is absolutely no way! Nope, can’t happen. He’s dead.”
  18. EM: “Mein Gott! I’d just assumed he was the Little Tramp!!!”
  19. Mike L: “NOOOO!! Not Lie-MAX!!!!”
  20. thomas B: “I’ll tell you who shot first… Me, when I saw Leia in the gold bikini!”
  21. Anthony S: “Heimlich reacts to the news from Toshiba that it is discontinuing manufacturing and R&D of HD DVD.”
  22. Jim: “Mother always said, if you keep making faces yours will stay that way”
  23. Kevin M: “Ok, two girls, a cup, and…”
  25. Gavin: “Standard Definition video?!? NOOOOOOOOOO!”
  26. Terry B: “Shia Labeouf ?? ALIENS ?? Please tell me I just had a bad dream ??”
  27. Eric H: “My audition for the Muppets.”
  28. El CSM101: “Glasses free 3D WHOA!!!!”
  29. Sam J: “You can do better than CALISTA FLOCKHARRRRRT!”
  30. Joe R: “What? No SLIPCOVER!!!”
  31. Bran Solo: “ginormous hairball! ahh(cough)ahh(cough)ahh!!!”
  32. Jonathan L: “WTF!! I’m still confused by LOST!”
  33. Mark L: “What did you get caught, the frank or the beans?”
  34. Alex: “Hey Belloq, I was just wondering, how did Indy breathe on that submarine? Oh alright, we can talk about it after we open the sparkly box.”
  35. Shout92: “Blinking Ewoks?!?”
  36. Brian B: “Years from now, Macaulay Culkin will be famous for this face.”
  37. Carlos O: “Seacrest is straight?”
  38. Marc L: “Damn you White Castle! Ok everyone, hold on!!!!!”
  39. Adam A: “How do you feel about your friends posting political messages on Facebook?”
  40. Michael: “I’m thinking I might take that new chick from Logistics. If things go well I might be showing her my O-face. ‘Oh… Oh… Oh!’ You know what I’m talkin’ about. Oh!”
  41. Andres Patino: “Jim Carrey’s father.”
  42. Jordan G: “Always the joker, Siegfried does his small-mouth bass impression to cheer up his fellow soldiers.”
  43. Stacy O: “No, Britney, do not hit me one more time!”
  44. Henrik B: “NO MORE GANGNAM STYLE!”
  45. Phil S: “Someone’s playing the THX deepnote in an Imax”
  46. Mike: “Wow! I can save HOW MUCH on my car insurance by switching to Geico?!?!”
  47. Bain Stew’d: “Hey guys, check out my impression of Matt Frewer.”
  48. Martin L: “What do you mean the blu ray doesn’t include the Great movie Stunts and the Making of Raiders Of The Lost Ark?!?”
  49. Darrin S: “How much did you say it cost for a face-peel?”
  50. Jason D: “You said this was gluten free!!!”
  51. Eric A: “Uh-oh! Here comes that Short Round and Mutt platter I had for lunch!”
  52. Jim D: “Shia Labeouf is swinging with the monkeys?!”
  53. Frank P: “What do you mean I get no residuals when this comes out on Blu-ray?”
  54. Daniel C: “I forgot to set the DVR for Project Runway!”
  55. Jason M: “I haven’t peed in three days! Can’t hold it any longUAGHHHHHHHHhhhh…”
  56. Mike C: “So this isn’t my best Marlon Brando impression!”
  57. DSS: “About thirty seconds into his audition for the Scanners reboot, Dietrich began to wonder if method acting had been the way to go after all.”
  58. Paul: “Wow; that’s a HOPPY IPA!!”
  59. Jason: “So you’re telling me… We fought over this thing for the entire movie? Just for this!? Come on!!!”
The Winner

With competition this fierce, how can I possibly choose just one winner? It sure wasn’t easy. In the end, I had to go with Dan J for this entry:

Bond 50, Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures, Titanic, The Avengers all on Blu-ray in the same month? There goes my mortgage payment!

I think a lot of us Blu-ray fans can sympathize and agree. Hopefully, we at High-Def Digest can help ease Dan’s burden a little bit by taking one of those expensive releases off his list.

Congratulations to Dan J for winning ‘Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures’ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating! We had a blast with this contest.


  1. Josh Zyber

    To all of our great readers who entered but did not ultimately win the Indiana Jones set (I wish we had more copies to give away), hang onto your fedoras. We have an EVEN BIGGER contest starting tomorrow morning. You’re gonna love it!

    • Dan Jones

      Let me guess Bond 50? I am even more of a Bond fan then Indiana Jones, and I do not say that lightly. Unfortunately I will not be able to participate, but in no way is this a complaint!

      • Josh Zyber

        Your responses are visible. I read through every entry. I had to make some hard decisions when narrowing the results down to these Honorable Mentions. In my first pass, I had twice as many HMs. Sadly, I had to cut a lot of really good entries. Competition was tough this time.

        I can already see that the Bond 50 contest is going to be even more difficult!

        • Robbie0

          Awesome; thanks for letting me know – and wish me luck in the Bond contest! Well, if that’s allowed, of course.