Amazing ‘GoldenEye’ Remake Now Available on PC – Free!

Disappointed with the Wii version of ‘GoldenEye’? Wouldn’t you prefer to play it on your PC with better graphics, better online support, and more customizability? Now’s your chance.

Boy, I loved ‘GoldenEye’ for the Nintendo 64 back in the day. My friends and I played it nearly every day after school for months, and we kept it as a go-to game for years. Sure, it was flawed in a lot of ways and required the use of an absolutely awful controller, but it was great nonetheless.

The remake of ‘GoldenEye’ for the Wii appears to keep the same flaws but without improving much along the way. It’s incredibly disappointing to say the least, especially when a high definition remake for the Xbox 360 got shut down by Nintendo just a year earlier.

Don’t worry, ‘GoldenEye’ fans. There’s hope. A mod called ‘GoldenEye: Source’ (because it’s running on Valve’s Source Engine) is out of beta and ready for use.

‘GoldenEye: Source’ is an incredibly accurate recreation of the original ‘GoldenEye’ multiplayer mode, complete with the same classic levels, weapons and cheats. If you want to play License to Kill mode – the only real way to play GoldenEye – with proxy mines in the Facility, you can do that. Rockets in the Complex? No problem.

You can find ‘GoldenEye: Source’ at Mod Database. It’s free to download and to play, though you’ll need to own at least one Valve game released through Steam. It’s a mod, after all. Of course, if somehow you don’t already own ‘The Orange Box’, this is a perfect reason to do it.

I haven’t had a chance to get any multiplayer in, but I ran through a few levels to get a feel for the layout, and it’s exactly what I was hoping for. It looks gorgeous, plays smoothly, and still feels like the original. I’ll be having a few friends over for LAN play this weekend, so we’ll have to sneak in some ‘GoldenEye’ in between all the ‘WoW’ and ‘StarCraft’ we’ll be playing.

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  1. BostonMA

    probably my favorite video game of all time. just reading “with proxy mines in the Facility, you can do that. Rockets in the Complex? No problem.” gives me a sense of nostalgia few other media items could possibly do.

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