Yo Joe! Win ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ on Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D!

I feel like the lack of a contest broke our momentum last week. Let’s try to get things back on track today with a giveaway for the action-packed ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce “The Paper” Willis. This three disc set contains a Blu-ray, a Blu-ray 3D, a DVD, an UltraViolet Digital Copy and a lenticular slipcover. (I know what you’re thinking: “Oooooooh, slipcover.”) This movie’s got plenty of shootin’, lots of ‘splosions, and high-flying ninja action leaping off the screen in three dimensions. And it can be yours for free. Yo Joe!!

Largely ignoring the awfulness of its predecessor (the inane ‘Rise of Cobra’) ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘ is practically more reboot than sequel. That’s a good thing, and a step in the right direction. This is the first time that the G.I. Joe franchise has actually appeared on screen in recognizable form.

To win a copy of the Blu-ray, all you have to do is participate in our photo caption contest by giving us a funny or clever caption for the following image. Click to enlarge:

For example: “For the last time, guys, this is how you delete the porn from your internet browsing history.”

We have one slightly used copy of the Blu-ray to give away. (Sorry, no shrink wrap on this one, but all the contents are in good shape.) The winner will be chosen at our own subjective discretion based on whichever responses we enjoy the most. Entries are limited to 10 per person. That should give you plenty of opportunity to craft a good submission, but will also help us to avoid any potential appearance of awarding prizes based on volume rather than quality. (Please heed this limit. You will be taken out of consideration if you submit more than 10 entries.) All entries must be submitted in the Comments section of this blog post. Please do not attempt to email them to me.

This contest is only open to entrants from the domestic United States. We will not ship internationally (whether you’re a U.S. citizen or not). Employees of High-Def Digest or Internet Brands and their families are not eligible. Standard contest rules and conditions apply. People who have won any of our previous contests within the past one year are also not eligible to win, but may get Honorable Mentions.

The deadline for entry is Friday, August 2nd. The winners will be announced the following week. Good luck!


  1. William Henley

    Stop. Pan left. Hold. Zoom in there on the eye. Stop. Enhance image. See that reflection? He is looking at the window across the street. Flip and zoom. Stop. Secondary reflection in the window. Enhance. Ha, now we know who was cut out of the photo! Print that out! Yo Joe!

  2. Alex

    Would someone pick up that soda can, already? C’mon guys, we’re supposed to be a team here!

  3. Adam

    Adrianne Palicki “See! I mean it’s just the pilot but it wasn’t that bad…right?”

    D.J. Cotrona “No, not bad. Wonder Woman having two secret identities was weird, but you looked great in the suit.”

    Rock “You want to know the real problem?”

    Adrianne Palicki “Yes”

    Rock “You need to work on your arms and shoulders. I got a couple exercises that will have you ripped in no time.”

  4. NJScorpio

    “It’s called an internet meme.”

    “A what?”

    “A meme, see, this one is ‘Socially Awkward Penguin.”




  5. William Henley

    “Thanks to government cuts, we are back to using analogue. Look at that signal noise! Couldn’t even go for a DVI cable – we have to use VGA. Thank goodness they didn’t opt for using the composite connectors on the back there.”

    “Is that a nipple or a nose? I don’t remember VGA being this bad?”

    “It’s not an HD source. VGA doesn’t support HDCP”

  6. Dan

    I told you it was him in Magic Mike. I still can’t believe he didn’t get the Rock a cameo in that one.

  7. Kevin Foster

    I told you the G.I. Joe Rise of cobra Facebook fan page had one like. I wonder who this Josh Zyber is? Huge fan I guess.

  8. Pedram

    -See how the rate of drool production spiked right here during my red dress scene? Lets see you guys match THAT with your guns and muscles.

    -This is the amount of increase in revenue after conversion to 3D. Those movie goers are such suckers!

    -For the last time guys, THIS is why ice does not sink in water!

    -OK so here’s the distribution of battle. See how knowing takes up half of it?

    -Jaye: So here are the list of options for our after credits PSA. I vote for the one about giving him the stick.
    Roadblock: Don’t give him the stick!

    I didn’t like this movie so I’m doing this just for fun, but I hope whoever gets is actually liked it.

  9. Jeremy R

    “Sorry, Rock, but even side by side, we can’t tell if Doom or The Tooth Fairy was worse.”

  10. Jeremy R

    We have to avenge our friends! And get COBRA out of the White House! But first…PINTEREST!!!!!

  11. Jeremy R

    It says the prize is slightly used. I mean, I dunno, our last few entries didn’t even get honorable mention…

  12. Freakyguy666

    Jaye: According to the GI Joe wiki, each of our characters actually have unique back stories and talents…

    Rock: What? You mean besides being able to ingest massive amounts of PED’s?

  13. Freakyguy666

    After discovering online that within the original comics their characters were rich, fully developed personalities, each with their own unique strength and talents, the trio contemplate how much better the movie could have been…

  14. Mike Arentz

    “Two girls, one cup” desensitization training. This is where our tax dollars go.

  15. Michael

    “Ok, so watch how it works in World of Warcraft. All we have to do is copy this and it’ll work for us in real life.”