Ghost in the Shell 2017

‘Ghost in the Shell’ UHD Contest Results

Picking a winner for last week’s ‘Ghost in the Shell’ contest was especially difficult. We received one brilliant entry after another after another after another. Our readers clearly had a ball with this one.

I could have easily gone with 50 or more honorable mentions. To keep these results to a manageable size, I had to weed out a number of very good submissions. I recommend reading through all the Comments to the original post for more hilarity.

We challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

And the winner is...

Honorable Mentions

  1. T.J. Kats: “I already did a movie where I unlocked more than 10% of my brain so maybe in this one I can unlock more than 10% of my arm.”
  2. Csm101: I got an idea for a movie title: ‘Under the Skin’.
  3. Joseph V: They warned me this could happen while baking cookies. #ovenmitts
  4. Jared M: “What? You said I had to be unarmed for the next mission. Oh you meant…crap.”
  5. Deaditelord: Major, that’s never going to heal if you don’t stop picking.
  6. Colin: Seriously? The left hand was DLC and not available on release day? Ughhh…
  7. William M: “Interesting, if they repair my arm, how do I know it’s the same? And if I don’t know my arm is the same, how then, do I know that the rest of me is the same before the accident? My ghost tells me I am Motoko, but my mind tells me I can’t possibly know, therefore I can’t be certain of anything anymore. My life is but a cell in an ocean of uncertain life, floating in the depths of the abyss where the glimmers of light I see can’t be judged to enlighten my past, or that of someone else’s being mixed with mine through the interconnectedness of all li… Fuck! I thought you said I wouldn’t feel anything!”
  8. Tom H: Don’t worry if it’s not strong enough to pull the hatch off a tank. What are the odds that I’ll have to do that?
  9. Joshua B: The major began to get a sneaky suspicion that she wasn’t actually getting the tattoo she had requested….
  10. Ronald O: It’s really is just skin deep.
  11. Andrew T: In the future, people take Thumb Wars WAYYY too seriously.
  12. Terry: Seriously…a fucking flesh eating computer virus?
  13. Jerry D: What until they get a load of my Kung Fu grip.
  14. Todd: I may not be Asian, but my arm was made by a Chinese toddler for a penny. Think Different.
  15. Patrick T: New Achievement Unlocked: “Suffer For Your Craft”.
  16. Jason: Is this the only way to get access to the vending machine in the lounge?
  17. Plisken99: “See boys, I told you I was built in a lab by nerds, for nerds.”
  18. JazzC: Oh My God they weren’t kidding when they said that Kentucky Fried Chicken was Finger Licking Good
  19. Leon: So I guess that’s not what they meant when they said: “Give him a hand.”
  20. Robert M: Major pondered silently “Why can they grow me an arm, but not nipples?”
  21. Craig P: Six finger, six finger, man alive ! How did I ever get along with five !
  22. Jordan M: Hey, do I get a free oil change with this tune up??
  23. Elizabeth: Scoring the latest Republican “healthcare” bill, the CBO has determined that by 2026 health insurance will cost a literal arm and a leg.
  24. George: These new Apple watches are a pain to put on
  25. Salvador C: “It may not seem like it, but in comparison, I have more real parts than Nicki Minaj.”

The Winner!

This entry from moremovies85 was among the earliest to be submitted to the contest, and I pegged it as a finalist right away. Although numerous terrific responses from others put up a strong challenge, I kept coming back to this as the one that made me laugh the hardest:

Am I turning Japanese? I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so.

Congratulations to moremovies85 for winning ‘Ghost in the Shell‘ (2017) on 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest.


  1. Deaditelord

    I also thought this had a very good shot at winning this contest when I first read it last week. Congratulations moremovies85!

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