Videogame Releases for the Week of July 4th, 2010

When I say that this is a good week for videogame releases, just assume that the words “for the summer” are tacked on there. It’s July and there are three games coming out in one week that I’m interested in playing. In November that might be considered a drought, but this is July and we’ve got to take what we can get.

Crackdown 2 (360)

The original ‘Crackdown’ was one of the most entertaining games of this console generation. The story was dull and the quests were a bit repetitive, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was the exploration. If you never played it, think of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ but fun. Chasing down agility orbs, leaping tall buildings and finding the best angle to take down the boss – ‘Crackdown’ had more than a little bit of a superheroic ‘Assassin’s Creed’ feel to it. If you’re not sure about the second one, play the demo, grab some agility orbs, and learn to love it.

Persona 3 Portable (PSP)

‘Persona 3’ itself came out a few years ago, but the new enhanced version for the PSP comes out today. It adds a playable female character, which changes up the story and look of the game a bit, and a newly revamped battle system that takes inspiration from ‘Persona 4.’ It’s a part of a highly acclaimed JRPG series developed and published by Atlus. The PS2 version got no shortage of praise. Look for a Bonus View review a bit later on.

Monkey Island 2: Special Edition (360, PC, PS3)

The first ‘Monkey Island’ game that was released as a special edition was held in high esteem. There were mixed opinions, of course. But the general consensus was that it was a good first effort at reviving a classic franchise. Just like with the last, you’ll be able to swap between the old graphics and point-and-click controls, or the new revamped visuals, music and control scheme. It’s also got special bonuses for fans of the series, like commentary from the creators. It’s well worth checking out.


  1. Jane Morgan

    I was all set to gamefly ‘Crackdown 2’, until yesterday when the reviews hit. Everybody says it’s the same, but worse. That they cranked it out in 9 months, and released it unbalanced. I took it off my Q, and Final Fantasy XIII is on its way. I’m iffy on FF, but hoping to like it.

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