Mid-Week Poll: New Fall TV 2012

I hate to say it, but the fall TV season has been pretty much a bust this year, at least as far as brand new shows go. Even some of the most promising or exciting new series have underwhelmed. Or is that just me? Are you still watching any of these shows? Tell us in today’s poll.

Going into the season, I was most excited for ‘Last Resort’ on ABC. Produced by Shawn Ryan, starring some great names in the cast like Andre Braugher and Robert Patrick, and featuring a rather clever premise, this show seemed like it could be the new ‘Lost’. Unfortunately, its execution has been half-hearted and, frankly, kind of cheesy. I’m still watching for the time being, but I really want this show to be better than it is.

I’d rate ‘Nashville’ the most pleasant surprise of the season. I had low expectations for this one, but the pilot episode turned out to be a lot more compelling than I’d imagined. Even so, I have trouble getting too excited for it, and probably wouldn’t shed too many tears if it was canceled.

Of the new sitcoms, ‘The New Normal’ is genuinely funny. Yet, again, I’m not too attached to it.

Mrs. Z has mandated that we continue recording ‘Elementary’ and ‘Revolution’ just in case they manage to get better than they started, but we’ve let ourselves fall behind on both. ‘666 Park Avenue’, ‘The Mob Doctor’, ‘Major Crimes’ and ‘Vegas’ have already fallen off the DVR to-record list.

Are you more upbeat about some of these shows than I am? Which are you still watching? Vote for as many options in the below poll as you’d like, and tell me in the Comments if I’ve missed anything important.

This list only includes new shows, not returning series, and has no Reality programs because those are too difficult to keep up with.

Which New Fall 2012 TV Shows Are You Still Watching?

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  1. T.J. Kats

    Only three in our house. My wife is still giving Revolution a chance, I still hope that Last Resort can get to where it has the potential to go, and I’m still watching the Mob Doctor do to a weird man crush I have on Michael Rapaport.

  2. HuskerGuy

    Go On surprised my wife and I with how consistently funny it has been. Definitely the only one on that list we watch.

    I wanted to get into Last Resort, but heard mixed things and indications it won’t last past the first season, so I passed.

    I had zero interest whatsoever in Revolution. Thought it looked terrible from the get go.

    Gave up on The New Normal after about 10-15 minutes. Neither my wife or I cared for it.

    Animal Practice seemed like it had potential, but the supporting cast put us off.

  3. William Henley

    I haven’t seen any of these, and only heard of two of these. I don’t remember what the show was called, but I did catch part of some show where a sumbarine refused to fire, and cut it off after 10 minutes – I felt the show crossed some lines as to what was appropriate on network television (I would have been fine with the show on cable). Honestly surprised the censors let the show air like that.

    Anyways, I don’t want to get into a morality / censor / free speech argument. I really didn’t care for the show in the first ten minutes, and was looking for an excuse to shut it off.

    Need to renew my Hulu account and see if any of my shows from last year came back. I just have an antenna now, and Hulu is cheaper than a TiVo subscription. I guess I could always record on the PC.

  4. Melissa

    I agree with you that if any of the new shows I’ve been watching get cancelled, I wouldn’t be upset. There are some returned series that I look forward to seeing each week but none of the new ones are like that. I watch them because they’re on and are decent but none of them are spectacular.

  5. EM

    Nothing new has caught my interest. In fact, this past week I’ve been keeping a viewing diary for Nielsen; when I look it over, it appears that almost every telecast I’ve watched is of a program that originally aired before I was born.

  6. Chaz Dumbaugh

    Definitely Revolution, my wife and I love that one, I’m a big fan of Kripke’s Supernatural and this hasnt disappointed us yet, every episode has been good stuff.

    Otherwise its just returning stuff for us, watching Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, I’m still watching Fringe, my wife gave up on it, and I also watch American Horror Story, even though its a returning show its a completely new story and has nothing to do with last season, so that could technically be on your list 🙂

    Oh and I also watch 6 hours of WWE Wrestling every week, so that takes a good chunk of time 😉

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