Just in Time for ‘Green Lantern’ – Pseudoscientific Crap!

Just when you thought it was safe to dislike ‘Green Lantern’ on its own merits, you can enjoy a whole new reason to look down on the movie.  It’s the first movie to take advantage of the partnership between Warner Bros and the bullshit artists over at EFX Performance.

You’ve almost certainly seen the advertisements for Power Balance bracelets and those like them.  The claim is that they use hologram technology set into a silicone bracelet to increase your balance, eliminate headaches, and do just about anything else you want them to do.

Of course, this is all nonsense.  It should be obvious to even the most casual observer, but putting a hologram into a wristband won’t actually have an effect on you one way or another.  It’s a hologram, just like the ones on the shiny comic book covers and cards – nothing more, nothing less.

In fact, these bands are so clearly bunk that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – sort of like the FTC in the States – put the kibosh on marketing the product as something that offers any actual effect.  The folks at Power Balance can’t use the words “Performance Technology,” they had to replace all their packaging and they were even forced to give full refunds to those that they ripped off.

But that doesn’t stop companies like EFX Performance from selling the same exact thing with the same exact claims.  Or, to be more accurate, the same implications.  EFX doesn’t seem to make any claims on its site, though they do fill it with testimonials that glow with claims of improved performance, reduced headaches and even injury prevention.

“EFX is very excited to partner with Warner Brothers and help not only generate awareness for some amazing projects on the horizon, but positively effect those wearing our technology,” says EFX president Jim Ruschman.  Yes, he says “effect” instead of “affect.”

Ordering silicone bands in bulk will cost you about ten cents apiece if you’re ordering ten thousand, and a tiny hologram can’t cost much more than that, but even if we give EFX the benefit of the doubt and say that they’re paying $2 for each of these bands, that’s a 1600 percent mark up on each band they sell.

So well done DC and Warner – you’re teamed with a company that’s willingly taking $33 from people that just don’t know any better while they make or at least allege bogus medical claims.

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  1. Zaserov

    You know, I was outraged for a second; then decided that if people are dumb enough to buy this, then they deserve to pay for it. And on a less cynical note, if they are willing to pay for it, they believe it, which hooray placebo affect.

    To the people who make Livestrong bracelets (and other awareness ones): mark up 10% of production 1000%, call it ‘cancer preventative,’ then donate all extra proceeds to research.

    • I disagree completely. People don’t deserve to be ripped off for any reason.

      Also, just because they believe something doesn’t mean it’s actually helping. It just means that they believe it’s helping :p

  2. EM

    It’s unfortunate that the EFX president confused the verbs effect and affect, but on the other hand the headline for this article suggested to me that the bands were made of some high-tech imitation suede. 😛

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