Poll: Are You Still Interested in Future DC Comics Movies?

After the critical drubbing and widespread fan dissatisfaction that ‘Batman v. Superman’ has endured since it was released, the future of DC Comics’ ambitious Cinematic Universe project may be in some jeopardy. Are you still willing to see some of the studio’s upcoming movies, or have you lost interest already?

From the results of last week’s poll, more of our readers prefer DC’s various TV shows (‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Gotham’, ‘Supergirl’, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’) than its feature films. That’s exactly the camp that I fall into. Although I didn’t hate the ‘Man of Steel’ movie, I didn’t love it either. I waited to watch it on Blu-ray and will do the same for ‘Batman v. Superman’. Assuming that the rest of these movies actually come to fruition, that’s how I plan to treat all of them as well. Although I’m sure that I’ll probably see most of them eventually, I’m not terribly excited for any of them.

Unlike its competitor Marvel, DC has decided to keep its TV and movie properties separated with no crossover. (The upcoming movie version of ‘The Flash’ will not be connected to the current TV show.) In the wake of the reaction against ‘Batman v. Superman’, I wonder if perhaps the studio might reconsider that position now?

As far as I’m aware, DC is still committed to the plans it released in late 2014 and is pushing forward with at least the first few of these scheduled projects. ‘Suicide Squad’ is almost completed and will certainly come out as announced. I have no doubt that, at the very least, ‘Wonder Woman’ and the first ‘Justice League’ are too far along to stop now. After that, however, I have some doubts about whether peripheral characters like Aquaman, Shazam or Cyborg will really be considered worthy of their own standalone films.

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  1. Bryan

    I liked BvS well enough (more than I thought I would). In fact, I’d rather see a solo Ben Affleck Batman movie than any of the other films they’ve got on their schedule.

      • Shannon Nutt

        I more or less agree…there’s at least 75 minutes of a really good movie in BvS. The problem is there’s about two other movies jammed in there as well. 🙁

    • Ben

      I was blown away by Affleck’s take on B. Wayne/Batman. I see the film as messy. Maybe a little too much we-have-to-set-this-up-too in it. But what worked REALLY WORKED. I always felt like Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End was a little too long, a little too overstuffed. But it hit all the right notes and was emotional moving and very satisfying as a whole. BvS reminded me of this. The Knightmare sequence was fantastic. Any Batman moment was excellent. The Day of the Dead fire rescue was poignant and beautiful. Doomsday was a bit of a goof but Wonder Woman was excellent. You’ve all heard all this probably a hundred times already. I shut up now

  2. Deaditelord

    Although the movie has some problems, overall I liked Batman vs. Superman (I’ve seen it twice) and would be interested in most of these except for Shazam, which is a really strange choice given the other DC characters available. Of course, I want to see a trailer for each movie first to make sure it isn’t an obvious train wreck, but otherwise I’ll go to the theater to check them out.

    • Shannon Nutt

      I’m probably most excited about Shazam because, other than that Saturday morning series from the 70s (where Billy Batson was driven around the country by an old guy an RV…seriously, what was that all about?!), there hasn’t been any attempt for a live action version of the character.

      I’m least excited about Aquaman. I just don’t think the current idea for the character is going to work.

  3. Chris B

    Would D.C. really be “reconsidering” their position just because the critics disliked B v S? It still made a shit-ton of money and that’s really the most important thing to studios.

    • NJScorpio

      It seems like much of that money made was due to excitement over the matchup…something so many people wanted to see…in combination with the big names associated it, etc.

      Looking at the huge drop off in attendance for the follow up weeks could provide a better idea of the reception another DC movie would receive. Either due to now tempered enthusiasm by the public, or just general oversaturation of superhero movies.

      At some point, there WILL be a superhero movie that we will look back on and say, “Yep, that was the beginning of the end for those comic book movies.” I don’t think it will be a BAD movie, it won’t be a ‘Green Lantern’. I predict it will be a movie overloaded with the elements that we have grown tired of, and just generally disappoint. Perhaps it will be BvS.

      • Josh Zyber

        It hasn’t made money yet, but it is on track to be profitable, even if it underperforms the studio’s expectations. The media is positively in a frenzy right now to declare the movie a flop of Heaven’s Gate magnitude. That’s not even remotely true.

        Whether you like the movie or not, it will make money. Lots of bad movies somehow make money. The Transformers movies keep generating bigger and bigger profits even though nobody who paid for the last three of them actually liked them. That’s just the state of the industry today. A movie like Batman v. Superman is too big to fail.

        • NJScorpio

          I don’t know if they did this…but if they really wanted to take a big budget Hollywood movie and rake in a few extra billion internationally, they should have the final scene (5th act? 8th act?) take place in China.

  4. Csm101

    I voted I will judge on case by case basis. I support both Marvel and DC movies and intend on continuing to do so. Just because I wasn’t happy with one, doesn’t mean I’ve given up on them. I didn’t particularly care for Iron Man 3, but I didn’t throw my hands up and say, “I’m done!” I try to see all hero movies theatrically, but I remeber I missed the Thor sequel. I’m a pretty positive person and I always hope the next time will be better. I actually have a better appreciation for Man of Steel because of BvS. I do have to admit that I am a little less excited about the prospect of a Justice League movie by Znyder for the time being, but time could change that. Maybe when the blu for BvS comes out, I’ll enjoy it more. As I write this I’m sitting in front of the tv watching Green Lantern on FX and Iron Man 3 is being announced to air soon. I find that amusingly ironic.

  5. Bolo

    ‘Suicide Squad’ is the only one that has any appeal for me. It looks like it could tell a self-contained street-level story. The characters look like a rowdy ‘Con Air’ lot who could bounce off each other in lively ways, and they don’t seem so overpowered that I disconnect from the action.

  6. I’m very much into the DC universe, no matter what the critics are saying. I think that the direction Zack S. took with BvS could have been done better, but overall it’s a good movie in my eyes. I think it was pummeled unfairly by the critics, though; it wasn’t nearly as bad as they led one to believe. Marvel fanboys and girls, I imagine.

    • Csm101

      Why does it have to be Marvel fanboys and or fangirls? Almost everyone I know who watches these types of movies enjoys both.

  7. charles contreras

    Just one word: Shazam! Quite frankly, they need to give Captain Marvel his due, especially if people are complaining about Superman. Captain Marvel had a great amount of success as a 1941 chapter serial, as well as a Saturday morning kids show back in the mid seventies. I think his time has come, let’s see him on the big screen.

  8. Trond Michelsen

    If they manage to create movies that stand well enough on their own, in addition to building up to the Justice League movie, I’ll continue watching them in the cinema. BvS’s biggest problem, is that it’s trying to hard to establish the DCEU, and it’s cramming way too much into the movie. A BvS without Wonder Woman, Doomsday, Cyborg/Flash/Aquaman and most of the nonsensical Lex Luthor plotline, would (I think) have been a much better movie. I’m hopeful that both Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman will work better as standalone films, so I’m not ready to give up on the DCEU yet.

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