‘Crimson Peak’ Contest Results

The best Blu-rays are free Blu-rays. Last week, we promised to give one of our readers a copy of Guilermo del Toro’s Gothic spook-show ‘Crimson Peak’. Let’s find out who won, shall we?

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

And the winner is…

Honorable Mentions

  1. NJScorpio: Nobody wanted to believe she got the black eye from a door to the face…
  2. Csm101: “Sorry, there’s no Bin Ladens here!”
  3. Brett D: Watching Mom and Dad get it on is always so awkward but I cannot look away.
  4. cardpetree: I didn’t know what a glory hole was……so I looked into it.
  5. Adam C: “Okay, so if I just touch the door here and feel for the vibration while looking into the keyhole as I tuuuuurn the knob, it should just….oh….it was open”
  6. Alex: Who would’ve thought? It really was Col. Mustard in the drawing room with the candlestick.
  7. Warner: “Is this where the Academy keeps the nominations for people of color?”
  8. Carl C: The retina scanner doesn’t seem to be working. How the hell am I going to open these doors now?
  9. Jason G: This will have to do until I buy a new TV.
  10. Distal S: “I don’t want to be rude, so I won’t enter until I’m CERTAIN that he’s finished pooping.”
  11. Deaditelord: Jessica Chastain participates in Victorian Age equivalent of watching scrambled porn. “I think that might have been Tom Hiddleston’s junk but maybe it was a finger…?”
  12. John B: Thomas Sharpe was very protective of his sister, Lucille. He would read the highly sexual captions from “highdefdigest.com” only behind locked doors. But Lucille was very curious… and resourceful.
  13. David B: Properly demonstrating how to get the most from your 4k TV’s enhanced resolution; “At this distance you can really see the quantum dots at work!”
  14. Paul D: Really does seem strange to have a keyhole this high up, but hey, I can see Tom’s hat!
  15. Chaz: Dammit, I would ONCE love to look through a keyhole and see people having sex, I’m just not that lucky I guess….sigh
  16. Jim: I get it… Bloodshot eyes. Keyhole. She’s taking a “crimson peek”.
  17. David S: “What’s with that guy in the dog costume giving someone a BJ? I think I’m in the wrong horror movie..”
  18. Russ T: Hey, I can see Narnia!!
  19. Kashtar: Ah. So that’s where Del Toro is keeping his cast for Hellboy 3.
  20. Elizabeth: “I thought Guillermo said this was an original screenplay. If so, why am I peeping through a key hole like a dumb blonde in hundreds of other movies?”

The Winner!

Oh look, we have an exquisitely crafted exterior, with glorious filigree, yet at its core something very stiff and wooden, and next to it a door.

Ouch. I get a sense that Kyle isn’t a big fan of Jessica Chastain. Nonetheless, his entry was very clever and made me laugh a lot. I hope he enjoys the movie anyway.

Congratulations to Kyle for winning ‘Crimson Peak‘ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest.


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