HDD Going to CES – Will Have Q&A with the BDA

Whoa, there sure are a lot of acronyms in this post title, aren’t there? The Consumer Electronics Show starts this Thursday in Las Vegas, and High-Def Digest will be sending a couple of our ace correspondents to the conference. As part of our coverage, we’ll have some face-time with representatives from the Blu-ray Disc Association. Let us know what you’d like us to ask.

While I won’t be attending the show myself, our Dick Ward and Mike Flacy are already in transit. They’ll be providing most coverage in the News section of the site’s main page, but Dick plans to post some photos of the event here in the blog too.

Mike has a one-on-one meeting with the BDA on Friday afternoon. If you have questions you’d like him to ask, post them in the Comments below.

Also be sure to let us know if there are any particular exhibitors or events you’d like these guys to check out if they have the chance. You can find details on what will be showing at the official CES web site.


  1. Ask them, THIS MEANS YOU FOX, why does it seem every time there’s a new batch of titles people are scrambling for firmware updates due to something new with DRM? Is there no set standard? There will come a point a particular player will stop getting updates, forcing people to shell out money for new players or bootleg, plain and simple.

    • This is a very good question. The idea behind this is to perturb piracy, but the pirates know how to break the encryption. If their titles will not play on older players, wouldn’t this lead to an INCREASE in piracy, or a decrease in sales?

      I am interested in if BDXL will be incorporated into the Blu-Ray movie standard. Granted, there is proably not a huge need for this – it would probably break backwards compatability, and you can always press excess content onto another disc, but just courious as to what the BDA thinks of it.

      I am also interested in any technology that uses glasses-free 3D. I am also not sure if this will be brought up there, but Physorg had an article that the Nintendo 3DS actually DOES damage the eyesight of kids under 6.

      • I’m psyched to see glasses-free tech too. LG is going to have one small display and one larger one on the show floor this year and I can’t wait to check them out.

    • Haha, yeah Unveiled is always a nightmare. It’s amazing that it gets that much traffic because the vendors mostly suck.

      I’m heading to Digital Experience tonight. Should be some much cooler gear there and free eats always helps. 🙂

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