Box Office Pick’em: March Results

Sometimes, in Hollywood, movies lose money. That’s just the way it goes. ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ proved to be a killer for Luke’s totals in March’s round of Box Office Pick’em.

March was a tough month because no one wanted to take on the bloated mess of ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’. Luke was unlucky enough to get stuck with that turkey. In the end, the film’s paltry March total came nowhere close to its giant $195 million budget.

Aaron’s March Roster
  1. Oz: The Great and Powerful
  2. ‘The Croods’
  3. ‘The Last Exorcism 2’
  4. ‘Tyler Perry’s Temptation’
  5. Admission
  6. Olympus has Fallen
  7. Stoker
  8. ‘Spring Breakers’
  9. ‘Phantom’

Aaron’s Notable Carry-Over Films

‘A Good Day to Die Hard’, ‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’, ‘Warm Bodies’ and ‘Snitch’.

Aaron’s Highlights

‘Hansel & Gretel’ keeps making tons of money. Worldwide, the movie is very close to the $220 million mark.

‘A Good Day to Die Hard’, a carry-over from February, continues to stupefy audiences around the world. It’s a hair away from $300 million.

‘Oz’ performed amazingly at the domestic and worldwide box office, bringing in $470 million worldwide.

Kids’ movies, no matter how mediocre, continue to perform well at the box office, which is probably why ‘The Croods’ is at over $220 million and counting.

Aaron’s Lowlights

‘Phantom’ was the bust that everyone thought it would be. The movie brought in barely over $1 million against a budget of around $18 million.

Aaron’s March Net Total: $547,924,489

Luke’s March Roster
  1. G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  2. The Host
  3. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
  4. ’21 & Over’
  5. ‘The Call’
  6. Dead Man Down
  7. The Place Beyond the Pines
  8. ‘Ginger & Rosa’
  9. Jack the Giant Slayer

Luke’s Highlights

‘G.I. Joe’ performed really well, making back its budget during the month of March. It will likely produce some big results in April as well.

Somehow, ‘The Call’ has approached the $40 million mark. On a $13 million budget, that isn’t too bad at all.

‘Identity Thief’ is still feeding Luke’s coffers big time. It feels like there’s no end in sight to how much money the comedy will make.

Luke’s Lowlights

‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ really laid waste to Luke’s March profits, taking him well into the negative for the month is.

Luke’s March Net Total: -$25,604,035

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