Mid-Week Poll: Where Do You Buy Blu-rays?

Once-mighty retailer Best Buy announced last week that it took a $1.7 billion loss in the last quarter and will be closing 50 of its stores. Following the dissolution of other major chains such as Circuit City and Borders, this is just the latest example of traditional brick-and-mortar retail giving way to the growing power of internet commerce. Specifically when it comes to buying movies on Blu-ray, do you prefer to shop online or in physical stores?

I buy most of my Blu-rays online, primarily at Amazon, aside from the famous Criterion Collection sales that Barnes & Noble holds twice a year. It’s hard to beat Amazon’s prices or selection, not to mention the shipping discount that Amazon Prime membership offers.

Nonetheless, lately I’ve found myself in the mood to browse the shelves and impulse buy a few titles at Best Buy. I’m usually brought there by some exclusive title or packaging variation that can’t be gotten elsewhere (recently, the SteelBook case and lunchbox editions of ‘The Muppets‘ – I bought both). Then I wind up poking through the bargain bins and picking up an extra disc or two. Yet doing so just makes me frustrated at the store’s high prices, dwindling Blu-ray selection and completely disorganized movie section. So, I ultimately return to Amazon for subsequent purchases.

What about you? Vote in our poll and then tell us in the Comments about which specific retailers you buy from most often.

Where Do You Buy Blu-rays?

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  1. Alex

    Mostly online, though there is a good used record shop near me that occasionally has some quality 2nd-hand stock.

    • Jason

      I too frequent a used CD shop that sells blus. I’m often surprised at the titles I find there on Tuesday afternoons.

  2. Usually Amazon for me, although I do like to go browse at the stores from time to time – especially places like Barnes and Nobles that seem to stock some rarer titles. Most of my B&M titles I picked up at Fry’s, though. There is usually some title that I put on hold when it comes out because of finances at the time, and then I end up forgetting about it. Browsing the B&M stores helps me to find those, and, especially places like Fry’s and Walmart, I can get the disc at a good price if I wait a few months (or in some cases, years) after it came out.

    As for Best Buy and Barnes and Nobles, my main issue with them is that they just price the discs too darn high. When Blu-Ray and HD-DVD first came out, I bought some of my titles there, but since mid-2007, I think the only tiles I bought at Best Buy were Harry Potters 7-8 in 3D, as they were Best Buy exclusives. There were a couple of other titles that were Best Buy exclusives that I wanted, but when I saw the price tag, I got sticker shocked and walked away. One in particular I am thinking about is Hubble 3D. I am thinking that it was about $35, which I thought was stupidly high for an Imax movie.

  3. Baked waker

    I do both, but I rarely go to Best Buy for BDs, I mainly get them online (amazon or Kijiji) or in a trade store. Unless it is something special or classic Disney or Pixar, I don’t pay more than $8-10 on a BD.

  4. Javier

    I used to get most of my blurays at Best Buy because of the rewards points but their selection has taken a turn for the worse and they tend to be more expensive than Amazon. Just this morning I ordered Wings of Honnemaise bluray, Grave of the Fireflies dvd, and Naussica blu ray from Amazon becaue I know I won’t find them at Best Buy. I’m going to try and pick up The Samurai trilogy at Best Buy because I don’t want to wait for shipping but I won’t be surprised if I have to ask for it because someone forgot to put it out on release day and it will still be sitting in the back.

  5. lordbowler

    I shop online, but I occasionally will pick-up at store for Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

    Mostly Best Buy, particularly if they have an exclusive I want and the price is right.

    Mostly I buy from Amazon.com since they usually have the best prices, occasionally Best Buy does a better deal (either with Exclusive add-on or packaging or price).

  6. I chose “mostly online” but more accurately I get blu rays from three places, Amazon, my own store and Swap.com. Amazon always seems to have the best price. I often wonder how much they pay for titles, as their price is often far lower than our cost, and then to put those titles on sale later on… Either they’re loss leadering or they get this stuff basically free. Those who complain about the MSRP of B&M stores should know we don’t have much of a choice given what we are charged. I work at an independent record store and the only reason it’s worthwhile for me to order discs is my employee discount and my ability to pay for items in trade, effectively swapping my dvds for bds. Which brings me to the third place, Swap.com, that site has been a boon for me and lately has accounted for the bulk of my blu ray collecting. Being able to trade-up my dvds saved me a lot of money last year.

  7. Andrew

    Generally I shop wherever I can find a title cheapest. Most commonly Amazon or elsewhere online. Though sometimes new release sales at Best Buy are equal or better. CostCo has some good deals on non-new releases sometimes, though the selection isn’t very extensive.

    I had also bought a fair amount of used blu rays from my local Blockbuster, but it recently closed (and I bought a lot when they got down to $2 a piece the last week).

  8. I often LOOK around at BY, but, having worked there and knowing the insane markup, I usually just LOOK. Frankly, I prefer to buy used. We have three really great stores here that buy/sell games/dvds/blu-ray, and frankly, if I can get a movie for $5-$6-$10 instead of $25-$30, who cares if it has been opened? The stores guarantee them, so I am good. We have saved thousands of dolars getting movies this way, instead of buying them new.

  9. Best Buy needs to seriously lower their prices if they want to stay in business. They are regularly 50-100% higher than buying from Amazon, which is RIDICULOUS. Best Buy deserves to go under.

    • Josh Zyber

      Not to defend them, but Best Buy has a lot more overhead than Amazon. There’s really no way that any brick & mortar store will ever fully match or beat Amazon’s prices.

      • Walmart has done a semi-decent job. Their selection still sucks, but you can get decent opening week prices on most releases there. That’s where I usually go if I don’t want to wait for Amazon shipping.

  10. Josh Zyber

    Forgot to mention in the post that I really used to like trading in discs at MovieStop. While their trade-in prices weren’t always great (sometimes pennies on the dollar), I still found it a convenient way to unload a lot of DVD clutter, and pick up some good Blu-rays in exchange. Unfortunately, the local store near me went under and there’s not another in practical driving distance.

  11. I shop online/best buy/blockbuster….amazon has great deals almost every week. But if there’s a concert blu-ray (like the last Rush release) i’ll get it at best buy. They usually have a great price on the 1st week of release. But the best deals i’ve found have been used blu-rays at my local blockbuster. They have them 5 for $20, and most of the time it’s a great selection to choose from (although, there’s some titles i would only buy for drink coasters)…..

  12. Ryan

    When Barnes & Noble has their 50% off Criterion titles, I go nuts in store. Membership gives me an additional 10% off, so most titles I pick up for $18 (a steal for Criterion). If Best Buy and Amazon are identical in price, I go for Best Buy. We get taxed on Amazon stuff in New York, so there is literally no difference. Just picked up Hugo and Tin Tin today for $17.99 each, the same as Amazon has. Best Buy is usually no good unless the titles are wildly popular; if they are moderately popular or relatively obscure, forget about it.

  13. Dimwit

    I’m really, really lucky that I have a local blu only New/Used store. He’s been a godsend. The bigbox retailers are useless. Amazon or BN Crit sale is where the rest of my — diminishing — dollars disappear.

  14. Whoever has the best price usually. Sometimes that’s Amazon, sometimes it’s Best Buy or Best Buy.com (which often has free shipping on new releases), sometimes you can get a great deal on ebay.

  15. Amazon Prime makes it hard to shop anywhere else. The only time I buy elsewhere is if I have a Disney coupon (like for the Muppets) that makes B&M cheaper than Amazon.

  16. Jaime Navarrete

    I have slowly been put off by actually shopping in store basically due to lack of customer service. All stores claim competitive pricing, and make claims about price guarantees and matching. All brick and mortar stores are guilty of humiliation tactics to deter price matching. I believe that my hard earned money should be sought by companies that make every effort to make you feel valued and appreciated. Amazon is a definite class act, especially now that I have a Prime Account. Kudos Amazon.

  17. I go searching a lot at any place that sells used Blurays, FYE just had a buy one get one 50% off and you never know what people turn in, knowing the prices every else I can get them really helps in finding a good deal, FYE prices some movies at great prices and others not so much, Family Video is another place I go to look for stuff, after a month they put up a lot of their movies go on sale for $12.95 or less for Blu, my job takes me around to 3 counties so I get to stop at multiple stores for my shopping needs, they all put up different titles depending on rentals in the area. New stuff I do a mix of Walmart, Target and Amazon, Amazon doesnt always beat those two and if I’m saving $1 off a new title compared to Walmart or Target, I just get it while I do the shopping instead of waiting to order it from Amazon.

    The latest Disney sale, certain titles for $17.99 (like The Muppets, Lion King and Lady and the Tramp) were at Best Buy when I was there but they were out of stock on the Lion King, went home and ordered it from Amazon with my Prime and it was there the next day! That you cant beat and its just a matter of time till Best Buy and others like them go under….