Late to the Party, Razzies Announce 2012 Loser(s)

It wouldn’t be movie awards season without the Golden Raspberry Awards to let some of the air out of Hollywood’s celebratory balloon. Well, actually, this year it would. More than a month after the Oscars ceremony, the official point at which everyone stops caring about movie awards, the committee behind the Razzies finally got around to announcing this year’s prize recipients… or recipient, as the case may be.

In years past, the Razzies have handed out dishonors for all the worst crap that Hollywood shoveled onto theater screens on the day before the Oscars broadcast. That timing made perfectly logical sense. For some reason, the prizes were pushed back to April Fool’s Day this year, long after anyone would bother to pay attention to them. In what may have been an attempt to drum up some interest anyway, for the first time in Razzie history (oooohhhh….), a single film swept all categories. That would, of course, be Adam Sandler’s cross-dressing crapfest ‘Jack and Jill‘, which walked home with the following awards:

Worst Picture
Worst Actor: Adam Sandler
Worst Actress: Adam Sandler
Worst Supporting Actor: Al Pacino
Worst Supporting Actress: David Spade
Worst Screen Ensemble
Worst Director: Dennis Dugan
Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel
Worst Screen Couple: Adam Sandler and either Katie Holmes, Al Pacino or Adam Sandler
Worst Screenplay

Some of these are, obviously, a stretch to make the gimmick work. The “Worst Screen Couple” is clearly a duplicate of the “Worst Screen Ensemble” prize. To shoehorn ‘Jack and Jill’ into the “Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel” category, the committee has labeled the film a “remake/rip-off of Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda.” Whatever.

By singling out this admittedly-awful movie, the Razzies have once again opted to take easy pot-shots at a target that everyone already acknowledges is terrible. Where’s the fun in that? Wouldn’t it be nice, just once, to see the Razzies take aim at some overrated piece of Oscar bait claptrap like ‘The Help‘? I might have some ounce of respect for them if that ever happened… not that I expect it to.

In the meantime, look for the Razzies to move back to their traditional day-before-the-Oscars timetable next year.

[via ABC News]


  1. Had to watch this crapfest a few weeks ago – my roommate’s kid had begged and begged for this movie, and finally his parents bought it for him. He was glued to this movie. I thought it was one of the worst films ever made. Absolutely awful.

    But to have it sweep the Razzies – there were other crap movies out last year, such as J Edgar, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Apollo 18, as well as a few others that I have probably blocked from my mind. Come on, surely Apollo 18 should have taken worst screenplay! I honestly am shocked that there were people who walked out of the theater thinking it was real. I just had to ask them (spoiler alert) “come on, all of this was shot on film on the moon, everyone dies, and they say it was man’s last trip to the moon, how the heck did they get the film back to Earth?” and their eyes grew big and wondered what the government is hiding from us now.

    Anyways, yeah, Jack and Jill was a crapfest, but, come on, Apollo 18 guys! Cowboys and Aliens! J Edgar (worst makeup award, worst on screen couple).

    • Barsoom Bob

      No way, No how, does Rise of the Apes belong on this Razzies contenders list. That might be the most intelligent prequel to an established franchise I have ever seen.

      Prometheus. Sir, you have your work cut out for you.

  2. Ian Whitcombe

    The problem with the Razzie’s thinking outside of the box, Josh, is that we would end up with movies like “The Shining” and “Dressed to Kill” being nominated for their awards.

    Oh, wait.

  3. EM

    This “remake/ripoff” business makes it hard to take the Razzies however seriously one is supposed to take them. If a movie is truly execrable, why not be satisfied with condemning it for what it is, instead of making up BS?

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