Blu-ray Highlights for 12/27/11 – The Post-Holiday Cooldown Begins

Welcome back from the Christmas break. We hope that you all had a nice holiday. As is typical for this time of the year, the week after Christmas is a very slow time for new Blu-ray releases.

The following discs are available this week:

The best new title of the week would have to be the second season collection of the FX network’s animated spy spoof ‘Archer‘. This show is hilariously dirty and politically incorrect. Although not listed above, I believe that the first season also hits general retail this week after being stuck as a Best Buy exclusive for a few months.

Also on the TV front, Showtime offers up a first season box set of the dramedy ‘Shameless‘. I watched the first episode of this and thought that it sucked pretty badly. The show is apparently pretty popular, though. Perhaps it got better?

A lot of the week’s theatrical titles are horror movies, for some reason. Do people enjoy a good scare after all the feel-good mirth of Christmas? We have the latest ‘Final Destination‘ sequel (2D only, apparently, unless there’s a 3D retailer exclusive that I’m not aware of), the latest ‘Hostel‘ sequel, and the found-footage astronaut thriller ‘Apollo 18‘.

If those don’t scare you, Uwe Boll’s incompetence is terrifying in its own way. How does this guy keep getting money to make movies that nobody likes? As if the first ‘In the Name of the King‘ wasn’t enough of a stinkfest, he somehow scraped together enough cash (and enough desperate actors) to throw together a sequel. Eek.


  1. Drew

    Absolutely nothing for me this week!

    First time I can say that in a very long time.

    The weakest slate of blu-ray releases in possibly a year!

    Everything is complete and utter shit!

    ‘Moneyball’. Is that next week? Or the week after?

  2. Nothing but crap being released this week. I saw Apollo 18 at the theaters, and it was probably the biggest turd I have ever paid to go see. Absolutely awful! I gave a longer opinion of it in the review, because I had to use spoiler tags to properly rip the movie apart.

    Looking at the releases over the next month, my next buy is on January 31st, the Star Trek TNG Blu-Ray! I can’t wait for that!

    • I actually take back my first sentence – Funimation is releasing quite a few good shows this week. Eden of the East is an AWESOME series, but I can stream that for free. I need to get caught up on Full Metal Alchamist before I buy this one (I got the first two sitting on the shelf, unopened), and I am not a fan of Slayers.