‘Batman v. Superman’ Contest Results

Some of the contests we hold here are easier to judge than others. I knew when I posted it that the ‘Batman v. Superman’ contest would get a big response. With this many hilarious entries to sort through, how can I possibly choose just one winner?

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

And the winner is…

This photo provided great fodder for your creativity. My first inclination here is to name at least 200 Honorable Mentions, but I fear that’s unreasonable. To winnow down to a manageable number, I had to ruthlessly bypass a lot of really funny submissions. I apologize for that, and I encourage everyone to read through the entire original thread.

In the meantime, here are some of the highlights that made me laugh.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Paul A: “Amazon Prime Day deals are awesome! 50% off an Echo…Imagine all the cool stuff I could do if I synced it to the Bat Cave. Of course I want to 1-click my checkout. Hey, why is my 1-click not working? The deal ends in 30 seconds! Stupid internet.”
  2. Csm101: Build your own anti- Superman buster suit. God I love Pinterest!
  3. NJScorpio: Some great detective. He can’t figure out why his optical mouse isn’t working on a slotted desk.
  4. MrLeitungswasser: “Even the pleasant shape of my ergonomic keyboard can’t soften the pain of this Rotten Tomatoes score.”
  5. Shayne B: Good Review Hunting
  6. Brian: That Suicide Squad Trailer didn’t have much of me. 🙁
  7. Christian B: This is my “pretending to be intrigued” face. I’m learning so much from those acting classes. Glad I went. So paying off.
  8. Ken O: Hmmmm….caption this photo to win a blu-ray of Batman V. Superman. Yes!
  9. Alex D: Hmmm…arthurmurray.com. “Learn how to dance with the devil in pale moonlight.” Sounds fun!
  10. David S: “How the hell do they know I need penis enhancement pills?”
  11. Bryan: If there is even a 1% chance this link could be a Rick Roll, we have to take it as an absolute certainty!
  12. Dated References: I keep waiting for buffalo, but all I see are rabbits and squirrels… This Oregon Trail is rigged.
  13. Ermagehrd: Holy bird feathers! I found a discrepancy with the migration path of the European swallow!
  14. Mark: “Man, J-Lo’s butt still looks good.”
  15. Jonathan: Why am I mad at Supes again? Let me google it.
  16. Elizabeth: “Yes! Screenwriting for Dummies is back in stock. I’ve got to get a copy of that to Zac Snyder before this turd makes it to theaters. Ooh, Lightning Deal! Fifty pounds of gummi bears for only $5.99. Add to cart.”
  17. Barry D: Let’s see – how many more fake accounts do I need to create to improve Gigli’s Rotten Tomatoes score?
  18. Jacob: Hold on, Alfred, I have to catch a few more Pokemon!
  19. Rogelio S: Nothing like the feel of sweet Corinthian leather on your bare cheeks while surfing the web for diamond studded bat collars.
  20. Eriq O: What!?!? I still can’t get tickets to Hamilton!
  21. Carl C: Dammit! How many times do I have to close this Windows 10 Upgrade Screen?
  22. Judd: “Alfred… Matt is stuck on Mars. Prepare the Batwing.”
  23. David B: Browsing his netflix queue and thinks to himself, “Wait, I did a casino heist movie with Lt. Dan?” #Alcoholism
  24. Chris M: Yes dear. I’m only looking at male nannies.
  25. The GentleLurch: “Hot bats in your area… Who falls for this?”
  26. Jim: The critics said I was not a serious actor. Hello! Serious face, here!
  27. Rob B: Let’s see if I can figure out how get Mmmbop to play in my earpiece while fighting crime.
  28. Kenneth T: Man is it hard to fall asleep with all this Superman nonsense going on. WAIT! One, two, three, four, … “Holy Armadillo!”, Josh Zyber reviewed all of the original Star Trek movies. I’ll have no problem falling asleep now.
  29. John B: Dear Internet, Ben Affleck will be the worst Batman, ever!
  30. Teresa C: “Just putting the finishing touches, and send. HA HA!! No one will ever know that I switched Melania Trump’s speech with Michelle’s old speech.”

The Winner!

I have a feeling that Nick B here may have just cracked the plot of ‘Batman v. Superman 2’.

What the hell?! Superman’s mom’s name isn’t Martha?! Oh it’s on!

Congratulations to Nick for winning ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ on Blu-ray or Ultra HD Blu-ray (winner’s choice), and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest.


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