What’s the Opposite of Hate Mail?

Just like any film critic, I get my fair share of hate mail. It’s an occupational hazard. People don’t like it when you have a different opinion about a movie – especially a popular movie – than they do. Occasionally, this leads to some irrational lashing out. There’s a flip side to that too, however. I guess you’d call it “love mail,” and it can be just as… interesting.

I’ve taken some heat for disliking ‘Avatar’ ever since I reviewed the first Blu-ray release. How dare I not fall over and prostrate myself to James Cameron for making the highest-grossing movie of all time, right? Anyway, that’s been stirred up a bit again recently with my review of the Extended Collector’s Edition. This time, most of the complaints have been confined to our site forums, and haven’t been quite as vitriolic. I guess most people got it out of their systems the first time around.

Still, I received the following email – actually in support of my review – the other day.

Would I be getting across to you just how grateful I am by telling you that I will have your babies? And the fact that I am a guy being proof enough because it would be rather impossible and/or painful? I will say it: I love you I love you I love you!!

This is all because of your review of Avatar. I agree with you one hundred percent: this movie was crap and I can’t believe how many people loved it and how much money it made. Not only was it completely contrived but it lacked heart and decent acting – Sigourney Weaver should be thoroughly embarassed. I am embarrassed for her.

I would love to shout all of this out to the world so that you don’t feel so alone in this, but I don’t do the facebook and twitter thing.

So again, thank you so much for having some good taste (and I don’t care if they try to tell me that it’s all subjective).

You’re awesome, I love you, I will suffer through a pregnancy for you (as long as it’s a good chest-burster alien baby thingy, just to emphasize).

Keep on keepin’ on!

Sometimes, the little things make this job worthwhile. That’s all I’m saying.

Oh, and I respectfully decline the offer, as gracious as it may be.


  1. I’m sure the Mrs is happy you declined.

    Truthfully, I think that the only thing you and I have really had a disagreement on was PQ on a few movies, but after a few discussions, I know where you come from.

    I won’t say that I love you, but I certainly do respect your opinion. And that being said, it is an OPINION, not fact, so you are perfectly entitled to that.

    I will have to say that 99% of the time, your reviews are right on, and you always try to back up why. As such, I will say I have respect, and maybe even a friendly online acquaintance with you, but I can pretty much promise that I will never send you a love letter.

    I do love Dick though – like a brother! 🙂 j/k!

  2. Keith

    I rarely ever agree with movie reviewers, but IMO you’re dead on with Avatar. The movie flat blows and is completely predictable.

  3. The great thing about Josh’s reviews, is that while I don’t always agree with him, you can always see where he’s coming from, and why he has those views.

    Though on Avatar, I happen to completely agree lol! In fact, I think Josh was shockingly generous in his review! 😉