Adjust This! Win ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ on Blu-ray!

Isn’t it about time for another contest around here? It sure is! Thanks to the generosity of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, we have two copies of ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ on Blu-ray to give away to our readers. How do you win? Read on to find out.

For this contest, two lucky winners will each receive one Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack copy of ‘The Adjustment Bureau‘ starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. Here’s the studio boilerplate:

A rising politician finds himself caught up in a pulse-pounding, mind-bending conspiracy in The Adjustment Bureau, the acclaimed film coming to Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD on June 21, 2011 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Academy Award® winner Matt Damon (the Bourne series, True Grit) and Golden Globe® winner Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada, The Wolfman) are the star-crossed lovers chased by mysterious forces that threaten to destroy their futures unless they abandon one another. Deleted and extended scenes, filmmaker commentary and exclusive bonus features offer behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the film. Plus, for a limited time only, the Blu-ray™ Combo Pack of The Adjustment Bureau includes a downloadable digital copy of the film that can be viewed anytime, anywhere, on an array of digital devices.

Written for the screen by George Nolfi (Ocean’s 12, The Bourne Ultimatum) who also makes his directorial debut, The Adjustment Bureau is based on the short story “Adjustment Team,” by visionary writer Philip K. Dick (Total Recall, Minority Report, Blade Runner). The Adjustment Bureau also stars Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker, Eagle Eye), John Slattery (“Mad Men,” Iron Man 2), Michael Kelly (Changeling, Dawn of the Dead) and Terence Stamp (Wanted, Valkyrie).

The theme of this contest is adjustments. For your chance to win, we want you to post in the Comments section below your answer to this question: What one element or aspect of an existing movie do you wish you could adjust? Even the best of movies typically have something wrong with them. Maybe it’s a miscast actor, or a bad musical score, or shoddy visual effects, or just one bad scene that stands out and derails an otherwise good movie. If you had the power to go back in time and alter the course of one movie, what would you fix?

For example: If I had this power, I’d like to replace Keanu Reeeves in ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula‘ with… I don’t know… anybody, really. Reeves is terribly miscast in that movie, and his wooden performance stands out badly among an otherwise stellar cast. How about we take Carey Elwes (who has another part in the movie now) and put him in the Jonathan Harker role, and then grab Tim Roth and put him in the smaller role that Elwes currently plays? That would do. That’s what I would fix.

I’ll allow up to three entries per person, but please keep them short. (Less than 200 words would be good.)

The two winners will be selected based on our own subjective discretion. This contest is only open to entrants from the domestic United States. We will not ship internationally (whether you’re a U.S. citizen or not). Employees of High-Def Digest or Internet Brands and their families are not eligible. Standard contest rules and conditions apply. People who have won any of our previous contests within the past one year are also not eligible to win, but may get Honorable Mentions.

The deadline for entry is this Friday, June 17th. The winner will be announced next week. Good luck, everyone!


  1. Where to begin Spider-Man 3 I’d get rid of the whole emo part when he’s becoming more with the symbiotic. I’d get rid of the sandman and make Venom a lot more prominent and be played by Channing Tatum or someone who actually has muscles and is big.

  2. Domenick

    Random one in my corner, but I think Knockaround Guys would have a better ending if Seth Green lived and Vin Diesel died (although, I have grown to respect Vin much more now that I’m older)

  3. Leonardo Dicaprio as the role of Anakin Skywalker instead of Hayden. I know he turned it down, but it would have been nice to see someone who could actually act in those movies.

    • triguous

      No one’s a good actor under Lucas’ direction, saying his dialogue. You should never wish any actor you like to be Anakin. It’d have been a career killer. Leo’s made quite a name for himself. Whatever career Hayden had been building up before Star Wars has been all but tainted forever.

  4. Jeff Gleich

    I’m sure I won’t be the only one to throw M. Night Shyamalan a bone here, but all be damned, Signs could have been a really good flick. The hype and suspense surrounding the movie was great, hell even Mel Gibson deserves a nod for his efforts. But making the aliens allergic to water? The very same substance the consumes the majority of our planet? I guess it makes sense that the aliens were targeting farm land, What if the sprinklers went on when they were making crop circles? I would imagine beaches would become a pretty popular place if “they” chose to attack again….


    • FLskydiver

      I’m an atheist but I’m pretty sure Signs was more a movie about faith than alien invasion.

      Consider: Mel’s a preacher who lost his (faith) when his wife was killed in a traffic accident, but regains it at the end when all the tragedies and seemingly random little moments of his life (his wife’s dying words, his boy’s asthma, his girl’s obsession with clean water, his brother’s failed baseball career) are revealed to have all been part of the divine intervention which allows Mel to save his family. That wasn’t just water, that was HOLY water. And then there was the title. People questioning there faith are usually looking to be shown “signs”.

      I liked it better after looking at it that way. I consider it the a close runner up to Unbreakable for 2nd best M. Night film. But it might actually be the better of the two.

  5. Conspera

    Remove Marc Forster from the director’s chair in Quantum of Solace and replace him with Christopher Nolan.

    • FLskydiver

      I went with Martin Campbell, since he did the script immediately prior so well he should have finished it off in the same style. But we both agree, I guess, that Forster was a disaster.

  6. In the Scream movies I would have not killed off Jamie Kennedy’s character. He was the funniest and most knowledgeable of horror films. The whole I’m in the third film via a tape I left…not working for me.

  7. Justin

    I wish I could replace Samuel L. Jackson in Die Hard: With a Vengeance. His racist, over the top character is just too much for me, and is the dark spot in my favorite franchise of all time.

  8. Ronald Oliver

    If I could go back in time and adjust a film and make changes, I would certainly adjust Dean Devlin’s and Roland Emmerich’s Sony/Tri-Star Godzilla (1998) film! I would change the title of the movie to something else…and I don’t think the creature even deserves to be called Zilla, either! And I would change some of the script as well, so it has no reference to Godzilla! It wasn’t or isn’t Godzilla!! and it never will be! Although the film in and of itself was okay…it just wasn’t right to call it Godzilla! And it pissed off alot Godzilla fans, too! (including myself)…Despite it’s very decent world-wide box office take.

  9. Justin

    Just saw Bridesmaids this weekend. I wish I could take out the “food poisoning” scene. It seemed to bring the movie down to a lower level. The movie was smarter, and better, than that.

  10. Domenick

    Book of Eli could have done without the ridiculous “twist” ending. It made most of what he did throughout the movie seem impossible and not in a “cool” way.

  11. Justin

    G.I. Joe could have been a good film, but lazy writing & directing ruined it. I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone says; the actors do well enough. Blame it on the writer’s strike if you want, but the script ruined the film.

  12. robdog2

    The end of ‘Chasing Amy’. I absolutely love the first 2/3 of that movie, but the end is soooooo unsatisfying.

  13. Stu Barron

    I would replace Shelley Duvall in The Shining.. I found her portrayal of Wendy extremely irritating and way over the top.

  14. Mike

    Donnie Brasco: I’d remix the sound when Michael Madsen slaps Bruno Kirby for making a wisecrack. There’s just something about the way it sounds that makes it seem cartoony and artificial, and it always takes me out of the movie for that brief moment.

  15. Mike

    The Green Hornet: I would’ve given someone other than Seth Rogen creative control over the movie, possibly resulting in a film experience that doesn’t feel like watching a clueless kid play superhero for an hour and forty-five minutes.

  16. Domenick

    I LOVE Minority Report. BUT I would make the adjust and have the movie end on a downer note and have it end when Tom Cruise’s character is put in “jail.” Or some SLIGHT differences to the end, but the current end is tied up into too nice of a bow through what seems like a bunch of dues ex machinas (don’t know if I pluralized that correctly)

    • triguous

      The guy loses his son, thinks he finds his son’s abductor, which gives him hope that his son may still be alive only to be told his son is dead and how –in detail, mind you– then chooses not to kill the man (proving pre-cog tech wrong, thus potentially costing him his job), but you’re in favor of him suffering even more so the old, greedy, murdering bastard can win?

      • (spoilers) Wait, wait, Leo Crow (his son’s abductor) has been paid by ‘you know who’ to lie about the abduction of the son. I’m not even sure the details about the death are true; maybe Crow just made them up.

        • triguous

          But he didn’t know all that until after he chose to not kill him. Even then, the mystery surrounding his son’s disappearance comes back all full force, not to mention someone is trying to set him up. This character deserved a happy ending.

  17. Mike

    Funny People: I would trim about the last 1/3 of the movie, so I can remember that the first 2/3 didn’t suck.

  18. Andrew

    I would sit down with any studio that wants to make a Wolverine movie and have them watch the Bourne trilogy so I can show them that all they need to do to make a good Wolverine movie is basically copy the formula of those films. Just with uglier people.

    For Iron Man 2, I would have suggested a more interesting villain like The Mandarin as opposed to another Iron Man clone like Whiplash.

    And keeping with my comic book theme, I wouldn’t have cast January Jones as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. She’s sexy and a good actress, but she just doesn’t embody the witty, ice-cold bitchiness of Emma Frost.

  19. triguous

    Anakin would’ve been the same age in The Phantom Menace that Luke was in Star Wars.
    More Colin Farrell.
    Scream 3 would’ve been made with a Kevin Williamson script & an entirely different supporting cast.
    An in shape Val Kilmer as Aldo Raine in Inglourious Basterds.
    Any actress more attractive and less annoying than Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises and Love & Other Drugs.
    Emma Stone as the female lead in every movie.
    Any actor other than Michael Cera in everything he’s done that’s not Arrested Development or Superbad.
    No more faded rap stars trying to be actors.
    Less Shia Lebeouf, more Aaron Johnson.

  20. Steve

    Jaws really should’ve kept the subplot from the novel in which Hooper gets it on with Brody’s wife and later gets ate by the shark.

  21. Garrett Brown

    My change would be a wholesale on to x-men 3. First of all I would scrap the whole cure fiasco. I would have made the whole movie about pheniox/dark pheniox, just not the horrible way that they portrayed it in the film. Make it more like the comics where the pheonix was a seperate entity and not part of jean mind. Also it would have been interesting to see Shaw in this movie (because he was a good character in first class) but I guess Magneto could have subbed for that character

  22. Doc

    I would take back the tragic scene in The Crow that cut the late Brandon Lee’s life far too short. Perhaps then worthy sequels would have been made to one of my favorite films.

  23. Doc

    How about replacing George A. Romero with a younger version of himself to write and direct Survival Of The Dead? A George A. Romero who, I don’t know, wouldn’t make a flick where zombies can ride horses?!?!

  24. Doc

    I would go back and “adjust” the Mel Brooks timeline to include the hinted-at “Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money”! I’d pay good money to see that!!

  25. Keith Stonefield

    At the end of SOURCE CODE, end the movie where they are looking into the mirrored ball structure. Dump the coda and it makes the movie more poignant.

  26. Keith Stonefield

    Replace the entire first 3/4 of SPEED II: CRUISE CONTROL with a plot line that connects the awesome cruise ship out of control crash at the end. Forget all the extraneous subplots and stick with a cruise ship out of control with no driver and that might have been more exciting.

  27. Keith Stonefield

    For the very last scene of MONSTERS, INC. instead of Sully entering Boo’s bedroom so soon after the events of the movie, have him find her door many years later when she’s a mommy herself (her room now her child’s room) and when he finally enters, she (as an adult) exclaims, “Sully?” That would have been more emotional.