‘1 vs. 100’ on Xbox Live Has Ended

Let’s all take a moment of silence for the loss of one of the absolute coolest things that Xbox Live had going for it. ‘1 vs. 100’ was a massive multiplayer game show that featured prizes, a live host, and some fun interactivity to boot. And now it’s gone. If you never played ‘1 vs. 100,’ you may have seen the TV show of the same name. The basic idea was to create the absolute biggest game show ever, using a total of 101 contestants. As the name implies, the game pits one contestant against a group of 100.

If the “One” got all the questions right, he or she won a bunch of cash. If he or she failed, the money was split between the hundred other people, known as “The Mob.” To make it a bit more interesting, “The Mob” had to answer the questions too, and if they got a question wrong, they were eliminated from splitting the pot.

Don’t focus on learning the mechanics too much, though. The game and the show are both canceled. So you’ll only really be able to experience it in reruns, and why would you ever watch a rerun of a game show? (An exception can be made for the legendary Michael Larson episode of ‘Press Your Luck.’)

It’s sad to see a feature like this go; it really was one of a kind. It was something that Microsoft could really brag about. It’s also one of the things the company barely ever talked up, which is a shame. It was a lot of fun, but it was also one of the best things the Xbox had going for it in terms of broader appeal.

I think it was Garnett Lee on the ‘Weekend Confirmed‘ podcast who best explained why the cancellation seems like such a bad move. Microsoft is going after the casual audience. The casual audience loves ‘1 vs. 100.’ Microsoft cancels ‘1 vs. 100.’ Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

Apparently there’s more in the works, but there haven’t been any specifics mentioned. Since there wasn’t anything announced at E3 either, it doesn’t seem like a new game show will be coming anytime soon.


  1. j00na5

    I played the US and UK betas from Finland before Microsoft started doing IP check and thought it was pretty fun. Time rolled super fast playing it. Sad to see it go when it was only available in 6 countries out of 26.

  2. Glenn

    Well, I was just about to get a Gold membership primarily to be able to play this, so glad they did it BEFORE I did, but now have lost a customer.

  3. Ralph

    This was a waste of space.
    Microsoft’s Xbox is in such disarray I am amazed they are still afloat at all.
    A GUI that is worthless beyond belief.
    “Features” and “programs” that are buried under a load of crap.
    Half thought out ideas (like this one) and Facebook and twitter?
    Let’s see. What am I doing on Xbox? Playing a game. (2 hours later) What am I doing on Xbox? Playing a game.
    Avatar’s that do nothing but stare at you all day.
    Look here, basically this machine needs an overhaul from soup to nuts.

    Now they want to throw Kinetics in the mix?!
    Thanks GOD they got rid of 1 Vs. 100. I never even heard of anyone winning anything on that thing.
    All that was doing was slowing down my connect and dropping me out of my party chats, which by the way is also broken.

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