Joshua Zyber

Joshua Zyber
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Joshua Zyber's Bio:

A long-time movie buff and video collector from Laserdisc to DVD and beyond, Joshua Zyber previously wrote for,, and Home Theater magazine. When he isn't busy writing about movies, TV, and home theater, putzing around on the internet, or hammering away at that Great American Screenplay he'll never finish, Josh toils at a very Dilbert-like office job. In addition to the below-listed reviews and articles, Josh was the Managing Editor of our Bonus View blog, where he wrote and published new content daily for almost ten years.

Josh's Hardware Reviews:

- Panamorph Paladin DCR Anamorphic Lens
- Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K Ultra HD Projector
- Denon AVR-X8500H Flagship A/V Receiver
- SVS SB-4000 Powered Subwoofer
- Optoma UHD50 4k Ultra HD Home Theater Projector
- mCable HDMI Video Processor
- SVS SB-2000 & PB-2000 Powered Subwoofers
- WeMo Remote Light Switches
- Panamorph CineVista Anamorphic Lens
- DarbeeVision Darblet Video Enhancement Processor
- VEFXi 3D-Bee 2D-to-3D Converter
- Peel TV Recommendations App
- Vizio E3D320VX 3D Television
- JVC DLA-RS40 3D Projector (Part 2, Part 3)
- Lumagen Radiance-XS Video Processor
- SRS Labs MyVolume HDMI Volume Leveling Adaptor
- OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Player
- VUDU Movie Download Service
- Panasonic DMP-BD30 Blu-ray Player
- Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD Player

Josh's Articles:

- HD Advisor Column (100 Question & Answer articles)
- 2.35:1 Constant Image Height Tutorial
- Commentary: 2007 Year-End Studio Report Cards
- High-Def FAQ: Uncompressed vs. Lossless Audio
- High-Def FAQ: Blu-ray Profiles Explained
- Commentary: Living in Fear of the Niche
- Commentary: Specs vs. Reality
- High-Def FAQ: Blu-ray and HD DVD Audio Explained
- High-Def FAQ: What's the Big Deal About 1080p24?
- Commentary: Combo Discs - What Went Wrong?
- Commentary: A War of Hype, and Paramount's Big Bombshell
- High-Def FAQ: Is HDMI 1.3 Really Necessary?
- Memo to the Studios Revisited: Our Readers Speak Out
- High-Def FAQ: Why Don't the Black Bars Go Away?
- Memo to the Studios: Ten Ways to Improve High-Def Discs

Josh's Equipment List:

- JVC DLA-NX7 4K Ultra HD D-ILA projector
- Stewart StudioTek 130 projection screen (2.35:1)
- Oppo UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray player
- Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD player
- Roku Premiere+ 4k HDR video streamer
- Denon AVR-X8500H Dolby Atmos A/V receiver
- Marantz SR4400 secondary A/V receivers (2) for additional channel extension
- Emotiva UPA-200 amplifier
- SVS SB4000 powered subwoofer
- SVS SB2000 powered subwoofer
- Cambridge Soundworks (CSW) Newton T205 left/right main tower speakers (2)
- CSW Newton MC500 center speaker (1)
- CWS Newton M55 front wide speakers (2)
- CSW Newton M60 surround and surround back speakers (4)
- CSW Newton MC200 front height speakers (2)
- CSW Newton MC300 top middle speakers (2)
- CSW Newton MC100 voice-of-god & rear height speakers (4)

Josh's Links:

- Complete List of Josh's Reviews
- Cinema Zyberdiso

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