Bonus View Digest - March 30, 2012

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Where'd March go? This month has just flown by if you ask me. Even though time seems to be fast-forwarding on us, we were still able to crank out a lot of exciting posts this week. This week had a bit of everything. TV Madness is going steady as new characters punch their tickets to the next round. Check out everything you may have missed below.

TV Madness

This week featured some interesting matchups. We had a couple of lopsided matchups. Malcolm Reynolds easily took out Shane from 'The Walking Dead.' While Ben Linus outsmarted Christopher Chance.

Then we had the war of the world's most famous FBI agents. Fox Mulder went up against Dale Cooper. Mulder pulled out the win with much chagrin from the Cooper fans. In the other matchup, Buffy the Vampire Slayer easily defeated young Indiana Jones.

Today's matchup is another doozy. You get to pick who is going to win between 'Deadwood's Al Swearengen and 'Rome's Titus Pullo. After trying to figure out who will win in that matchup you have another hard choice in voting for either Detective Sonny Crockett or Jarod from 'The Pretender.'

Home Theater News

Josh took a look at after-the-fact 3D conversion gear, most specifically a new box called the 3D-Bee. Is this the 3D box for you? Check out what Josh has to say about it.

Theatrical News

This week Luke saw and reviewed quite a few movies which are opening today. Check out reviews for 'Mirror, Mirror,' 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen,' and 'Wrath of the Titans.'

TV Recaps

'The Killing' starts its second season on Sunday. Aaron took a bit of time to write down his thoughts on the end of the first season and why he is mildly excited for the show's second season. What do you think? Will you be tuning it to see what happens? Take the poll.

Other recaps include 'Awake,' 'Fringe,' and two recaps of 'Alcatraz.'

Special Features

This week's Mid-Week Poll we asked how old your TV set is, while in The Weekend Roundtable we talked about crazy cinematic cross-overs and what it would be like to see them happen. Finally, don't forget to check out this week's Critical Mass. Luke and Aaron argue whether or not 'The Descendants' was really a great film. Luke liked it; Aaron didn't think it was worthy of all the hype it got. Make sure to take the poll and voice your opinion.

Thanks for joining us here on The Bonus View. Another month has sailed by, but it's been fun all the same.

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