Bonus View Digest - September 9, 2011

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This week, like every week, The Bonus View has been the place to be for HD fans. If you're interested in the new 'Star Wars' Blu-rays hitting stores this month you'll want to take a look at the blog to find out what changes you will be in store for. It shouldn't be news to anyone that George Lucas is tweaking more aspects of his beloved movies for the Blu-ray release.

It wasn't all 'Star Wars' news on the blog this week, it just seems that way as the September 16th release date approaches. Take a look at all the other stuff you may have missed that you'll want to read over and discuss with your fellow Bonus View fans!

Blu-ray News

The biggest news this week was the videos that surfaced that showed the myriad of changes George Lucas has made to the 'Star Wars' films for the Blu-ray release. Josh covers them all, including the creepy blinking Ewoks , and he isn't kind about how he feels.

Our Mid-Week Poll this week also had to do with the 'Star Wars' Blu-ray release. We asked if you were going to buy the set or if you were going to hold your ground and wait until the original versions were released. Get in on this always controversial discussion now!

Aaron revisited another one of his favorite movies from his collection in Off the Shelf . Take a look back at 'Dr. Horrible' and find 21 things that you may have missed.

We also ran a contest where readers had a chance to win a Limited Edition Steelbook edition of 'Scarface.'

Theatrical News

E's Trailer Park highlighted quite a few movies made especially for kids, including 'Happy Feet 2' and 'The Pirates! Band of Misfits.'

Luke watched and reviewed 'The Debt ' starring Helen Mirren, and gave us an update of what we could expect to see in the theaters over the weekend . Don't get your hopes up because hardly any of them were actually screened for critics (never a good thing).

Finally, Aaron covered some of the new movie posters, in his column Posterizing, that have been released for upcoming theatrical features including 'Drive,' 'Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance,' and 'Carnage.'

Home Theater News

Who hasn't thought that their sound system needed more rumbling bass? Everyone has thought it at some point, and Josh has a perfect solution. Instead of buying more expensive sub woofers, how about adding a relatively inexpensive seat shaker that will have the same effect? Check out this how-to, and add this to your home theater today.

TV Recaps

We've been steadfast in our coverage of the latest and greatest summer TV shows. Get recaps for 'Burn Notice ,' 'Project Runway ,' 'Haven ,' 'Alphas ,' and 'True Blood .'

Special Features

Our Weekend Roundtable covered the best TV pilot episodes of all-time. Although ours was only a short list. Take a look at the 50+ comments from readers who shared their own favorites!

Finally, in a special article, Josh discussed whether or not 'The Empire Strikes Back' is too good for the original 'Star Wars Trilogy.' What do you think? Let us know.

Please join us over on The Bonus View where we're striving to grow a community of people who love high definition entertainment. Plus, you can win free stuff,so, there's no reason you shouldn't check it out!

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