‘Burn Notice’ 5.11 Recap: “You’re Making a Big Mistake”

‘Burn Notice’ is really starting to come into its own this season. The show is messing with the formula ever so slightly, but it’s working. Now Michael finds himself in some very hot water, but let’s get to the recap first, shall we?

Agent Pearce has a new job for Michael in ‘Better Halves’. The CIA wants him to extract an American chemist from a fancy hotel in the Caribbean before the man heads to Russia. The chemist has been hired by the Russians to create bio-weapons, and he’s very good at it. Michael and Fi will go in pretending to be married, which Fi loves. They need to find this man and his wife, and somehow get them on a helicopter headed back to America so that the CIA can arrest and interrogate him.

As with most jobs Michael and Fi do together, their sexual tension is palpable. Michael tries to ignore it because the mission is first and foremost on his mind. Fi, on the other hand, gets mildly perturbed at the thought that Michael is ignoring her, but she helps him because she likes it too.

Meanwhile back on the mainland, Sam and Jesse are tasked with hunting down the man who framed Michael. They find him, but he won’t go easily. The man gets the jump on them and wants to set up a meeting with Michael, only he’s still being held up at the extraction job.

This episode of ‘Burn Notice’ is one of the better ones this season, because the show isn’t afraid to put its main characters in trouble. We truly don’t know if Michael will make it out of the situation he now finds himself in. After Michael retrieves the chemist, Agent Pearce finally has enough time to piece together what he’s doing. She finds some security cameras that show Michael’s Charger headed toward the building where Max was found murdered. The episode ends with Pearce pointing a gun in Michael’s face. All she has to do is go with him to meet the man who framed Michael, but she doesn’t believe him. What’s going to happen? I’m genuinely excited to find out. I didn’t see something like this happening so soon.

This is only the eleventh episode in a season of eightneed. The writers are really not taking their time with these story arcs. I like that in a show. It feels like the story is moving along at a brisk pace. This season has been fun.


    • Aaron Peck

      I’ve watched all 5 seasons of this show and I ALWAYS forget that they do that stupid “summer finale” thing. Thanks for bringing that up. That makes sense. I really wish they’d stop breaking this show up like they do.

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