‘Project Runway’ 9.06 Recap: “We’re Working with Children”

Last week’s ‘Project Runway’ was quite fun actually. It featured a challenge that got back to the somewhat normal contests the show is famous for. This time, the designers were paired up with some art students from a nearby school. The designers had to take inspiration from pictures that the students painted.

The look was supposed to be “avant-garde.” Each designer had his or her own interpretation of what that meant, but the general consensus was that the designs were not actually intended to be worn. Someone explained the type of look by saying that it’s the way Lady Gaga dresses. Okay, now that makes sense even to a fashion lay-person such as myself.

There wasn’t as much drama in this episode, mainly because the designers were all working on their own for the challenge. Josh C., who was brought back just a couple episodes ago, was given a neat picture of a werewolf. Joshua M. got to take inspiration from a burning tree. Bert had a painting full of geometric shapes. Anthony Ryan used a painting featuring large, exaggerated brush strokes.

Yes, there were more designers and more paintings, but the ones named above were the highlights, and the lowlights, of the episode. Joshua M. nearly won the contest with his dress, which he had painted to look like wood. However, Anthony Ryan ended up winning with a sheer dress covered in bulbous brushstroke lines that looked kind of like multi-colored cucumbers. I have to say that I didn’t agree with the judges’ decision on this one. His dress had a cool idea, but looked unfinished and messy.

Bert’s dress was by far the worst, yet of course he didn’t get sent home. He took the painting way too literally and plastered geometric shapes all over it. It looked like a toy box full of different sized blocks had thrown up, and this is what emerged. It was hideous. Not to mention his pants, which made the stick-thin model look like she had the equivalent of four oversized butts.

Poor Josh C. was sent home for being so utterly boring. He got scared off when Tim said that the fur he was planning to use might be too literal for the competition. So, Josh C. stripped off all the fur and made a basic t-shirt with some sort of leather holster. Not good at all. He got sent home twice.

The next episode promises even more controversy as the team challenges continue. This time, the designers are being paired into two groups of five. There will surely be some fights!

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