Bonus View Digest - October 26, 2012

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If you're like me then you're staring out your window right now at snow covering the ground, wondering, just where the hell October went. As the cold and snow arrives I know I'll be spending much more time indoors. I venture to guess you will too. So sit back, watch a few good movies, and a keep your browser tuned to The Bonus View for all your high-def needs.

Monster Madness

Halloween looms ever closer. This week we had some fun matchups as our monsters begin to battle it out to see who will be left standing as supreme overlord of Monsterdom.

This week's matchups:

King Kong vs. Aragog - Beast of Gevaudan vs. Swamp Thing

Cloverfield vs. Sandworm – Pyramid Head vs. The Mummy

Make sure to cast your vote to see who will move on in the tournament. We'll be continuing on through the Monster Madness tournament for the next few months, so we hope you'll continue to participate, especially as the contests become more heated.

Blu-ray News

Just in time for Halloween we have Josh's Blu-ray Highlights column that shows us all of the Halloween-related titles being released around this time, like 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.' Find out what's worth picking up.

We also have some interesting packaging-related posts. Josh did another unboxing. He took time to go through the 'Indiana Jones Limited Edition Collector's Set' from the UK. Find out what you're missing if you didn't pick up this set instead. Also, Tom covers a story of how the 'Bourne Legacy' Steelbook will turn out.

Theatrical News

The big opening this weekend is 'Cloud Atlas.' Nearing three hours, 'Atlas' is a perplexing movie that will most likely require multiple viewings to understand it. Check out Aaron's review to see what he thought about it.

Also opening this weekend is 'Chasing Mavericks,' which Luke saw and reviewed. If you thought this movie looked terrible because of its commercials then maybe you should read Luke's review to find out if that's really accurate.

TV Recaps

As always we posted a new recap of 'The Walking Dead.' We covered the second episode of the third season. Have opinions about it? Do you love or hate this season? Please come on over and sound off in the comments.

Josh also covered the season premiere of 'American Horror Story's second season. If you love this show you'll want to follow Josh's recaps all season long.

Special Features

In the Mid-Week Poll this week we asked you what you've thought about the new fall TV season and asked you to tell us what new shows you're still watching. In the Weekend Roundtable we took a look at some of the best and worst examples of actors turned directors.

Thanks for joining us for another eventful week on The Bonus View. We urge you to stay inside, stay warm, and catch a good flick. Until next week!

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