Bonus View Digest - March 8, 2013

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Busy, busy, busy. We're all busy. So, if you didn't have time to catch up on all the great stuff that was posted on The Bonus View this week here's your chance. But most importantly catch up on your chance to win the remastered 'Terminator' Blu-ray.

Monster Madness

We're getting down to the final competitors in each bracket. The finals aren't far off. This week we had some interesting and tough matchups. Please continue to vote.

Godzilla vs. Orochi – Killer Birds vs. Killer Rabbit

Samael vs. The Mummy – Orochi vs. Giant Squid

Blu-ray News

Last week we had a 'Skyfall' contest. Check out the results here. Since we were in such a giving mood we decided to keep the giveaways going. This week we're giving away a free copy of the remastered 'Terminator.' Today is the last day for people to enter, so get your entries in before it's too late.

Have you been waiting with baited breath for the release of the last 'Twilight' movie? Well, it's finally out! What other (better) movies are on store shelves this week? Check out our Blu-ray Highlights to find out. Some big titles like 'Wreck-it Ralph' and the new 'Red Dawn' were released. Are you interested in picking anything up? Let us know.

Home Theater News

Bad news everybody. Josh has been renovating his new basement into a picture-perfect home theater room. Then tragedy struck. Read all about his latest setback here.

Theatrical News

The first studio tent pole movie is here. Disney's 'Oz the Great and Powerful' opens this weekend and Bryan has a review for it. Another, smaller opening you might want to consider is 'Dead Man Down.' Luke quite liked it and he thinks you will too.

Luke and Aaron are continuing to battle it out in the Box Office Pick'em contest. We have results from February plus the newest draft from March. Only $100 million separates them, which is nothing when you're thinking about the huge movies that are coming up. Stay tuned to find out who will win this contest for ultimate box office bragging rights.

TV Recaps

The best episode of 'The Walking Dead' in a long time aired on Sunday. Find out what we thought about it. We also have pilot recaps for a couple mid-season series premieres: 'Red Widow' and 'Golden Boy.'

Special Features

Last week's Weekend Roundtable we discussed our favorite fairy tale themed movies. What are yours? We'd love to find out. Come on over and tell us in the comments.

That's it for another eventful Bonus View week. We'll be back again next week so stay tuned, and if you miss anything then this recap will be here next Friday to fill you in.